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MediaOcean - Ultimately That "One Currency, Platform Of Record"

From my Sun, Mar 4th blog-post:

"The adage 'content is a king' was always somewhat subjective" writes Brian Wieser, a long-time Madison Avenue forecaster who authored the report [a Pivotal Research Group coverage of three ad-supported jewels, Google, Facebook and Yahoo], adding:

......."But on the Web, the argument content is king is difficult if not impossible to make in the long-run, in our opinion:what is important are infrastructure, platforms & tools controlled by Google, Facebook and others."

Brian Wieser goes on to say:

................."Advertisers are increasingly indifferent to the context in which messages appear, at least when compared with other media," he explained, adding that:"Vast and growing arrays of data ensure that audiences (or, at least the data-driven attributes which imply the characteristics of any given advertising impression) become the most important basis for delivering commercial messages in the long run."

He feels it is about users, I believe.

It all becomes relevant to Looksmart (I feel), when considering today's AdExchanger article titled:

"Will SSPs and Ad Networks Sell Publisher Inventory Through DoubleClick Ad Exchange?"

No doubt many will do so, over time. In fact, it appears that Google have 'stolen a march' on the newly formed MediaOcean, by their attempting to become (and, for a good number already), the 'platform of record' for display. (See comment from Undertone's Eric Franchi.)

It's clear (when considering the CEO, Rubicon Project - Frank Addante's comment), that a number of such existing "recording platforms" will remain, ultimately.

< "We see three major display market segments:

**Google and Facebook (both offer self-serve ads at scale)
**Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL
**The rest of the comScore 500 publishers." >

To date (I feel), Looksmart has been 'litmus testing' it's exclusive ace card 'user intent' (as, derived from search engines) with a number of these (individual) marketplaces and thus, "recording platforms"- with Google providing a clear majority of both advertisers and impressions type traffic, to date. (That's, according to Alexa's ClickStream.)

In a (Friday's) AdExchanger Q&A, MediaOcean's CEO Bill Wise talks of their plan is to create that one currency that will fix 'many' problems in their offering Mediaocean as the 'grand solution' to the industry's ad buying issues.

Bill Wise had previously said MediaOcean 'really becomes the open alternative to Google because what they're doing is building a closed system around the full ad tech stack.'

Perhaps MediaOcean becomes the "daddy" of them all?

Is this a 'neutral' Looksmart's (ultimate) role too? As 'plumbing', working 'independently' with MediaOcean? Scaling eCPMs, CPA / CPV impressions? In the targeting of users across ALL digital media types (TV, and including Out-of-Home) that are then, all being connected through an IP address - - - then, being channeled through the various exchanges within a ONE (consolidated) OPEN marketplace?

It may well be when taking into account the 'role' of an advertised job description (Director of Mid West Sales @ LookSmart), that covers all basic fields (advertising solutions), of display?


Creating and expanding business opportunities with the top interactive agencies and direct advertisers seeking online advertising solutions through CPM, CPC and CPA.;srchIndex=3

Perhaps frustrated Looksmart shareholders may have a need to exercise a lot more patience, in the months ahead. Is my opinion.



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