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Google "Search Plus Your World" To Launch Beyond US?


I mean ... WHEN will people start to 'wake up', I would ask all? Are all the 'industry experts' simply there to pass on the corporate message?

"The change to secure search also meant that Google no longer provided publishers with the search terms someone used to reach their sites, except for ads that publishers and others may have placed."

Yet, Looksmart are advertising that they are now processing 'over 5 Billion search queries', a day?;

In his Webmaster Radio interview Looksmart's Benoit Vatere as good as told us the reasons why:

[It's simple]: "Google and Yahoo are looking for bigger margins".

Are people reading any of this, I wonder? Or, are they too busy to pry themselves away from their televisions for long enough?

As always, all - just an opinion.

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Disclosure: Long LOOK and longing for the Co's Q4 2011 report...