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Australia - About "The Crown"

About "The Crown"

From within the document:

The Crown

84. The first use of the expression "the Crown" was to identify the body politic.

........ Writing in 1903, Professor Pitt Cobbett identified this as involving a "defective conception" which was "the outcome of an attempt on the part of English law to dispense with the recognition of the State as a juristic person, and to make the Crown do service in its stead".

Yes .... "of an attempt on the part of English law to dispense with the recognition of the State as a juristic person"

Q? A "juristic person" is registered with who/what and is under what law?

Queen of Australia

An extract from Volume 1 of the Constitutional Commission 1988 Report dealing with Queen Elizabeth in her capacity as the Queen of Australia and other documents confirming that role including the Royal Style and Titles Act 1953 and the 1999 High Court decision on the Sue v (Heather) Hill Case. -

Professor Pitt Cobbett (1853-1919) -

[Juridical personality- jurisdic person] What's a "Juridic Person"?

Link to that story:

Do we need further evidence? Click on this link?

Truth About the Magna Carta (

It's clear or, should be clear that all Juristic/juridical persons are "registered" with and are under the law of, The Holy SEE with the Pontiff himself (Pope Francis) being the sovereign "crown".

Always, only an opinion.



The poster within the link (mysterynomore, on 12/04/2012), refers to it, as being "Juristic law".

Yet it's the very "Law" that's mentioned so often, here on this blog.

(Forget about anything "archon-ish", as it's ---> The Supreme law.)

And whilst this "law" no longer "powers" the state (either juristic-ly or, as [a] juridic person/s of the state) both are still, "registered" with and are UNDER (besides, as living men and women, being "protected" by), that law.

We, in our remaining as a "juridic person" (registered with the Holy SEE from off our Live birth bond) do so as the Living (as men and women) Beneficiaries of, the Global Estate Trust. (The Pontiff/Pope being, the lawmaker and Trustee.)

And as 'juridical persons', all of the policy enforcers are now acting, unlawfully.

As men/women, they are "acting" against the law of the Living Beneficiaries or, against the law of the land. (Do no Harm.)