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Ps; Will We Soon See A FACEBOOK + AMAZON Partnership?

#...With Looksmart already working with Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon and soon (I'd say) AOL ... ..#

Yes, and as pointed out >here< AMAZON are already in 'the picture'.

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< Over the past year, we've heard industry folks say that Google is increasingly worried about the competitive threat from Amazon.

..........Amazon, for its part, is now hiring aggressively to build up its advertising business, which, according to one industry source, already does more than $1 billion of ad revenue a year.

That's small potatoes relative to Google's ~$40 billion, but Amazon's ad revenue stream is probably growing very fast.

And given Amazon's position as the dominant global ecommerce site, the growth potential is likely enormous.>

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The saying that 'little fishes are sweet' is so true.With already some 2.91% of (performance marketing) TRAFFIC now going from/via Looksmart, on to

Upstream Sites

Which sites did users visit immediately preceding

% of Unique Visits Upstream Site

Downstream Sites

Where do visitors go after leaving

% of Unique Visits Downstream Site

It may well be even more for Looksmart's own revenues (with additional advertising traffic, both ways - and a redirection?), when considering that is an Amazon owned, Company. How interesting!!!

LOOK: At 4:00PM EST: $1.41 Up 0.01 (+0.71%)

Only an opinion, as always.


Will We Soon See A FACEBOOK + AMAZON Partnership?

ps; Now, is this possibly Criteo (re; the quotes and links, below) or, might it just be Looksmart with part of that all important 'user intent' coming from Amazon?

....... That then becomes a part of Looksmart's own .....'processing of over 5 Billion search queries a day that drive millions of high quality online visitors and conversions for advertisers'?

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On Amazon and specifically about, retargeting:

"The advertisements that you see are based on the product you searched for, similar to Google's ads. Customer relevance is critical to maximizing clicks on ads."

......."For companies such as Procter & Gamble & Microsoft, highly targeted placement on Amazon means their ads reach tens of millions of Amazon shoppers."

"Why Amazon is a Credible Threat to Google" - From DailyFinance:

Then: On 25th April, 2011-Retargeting: smart marketing by Criteo

"The whole discussion leads to the question why doesn't Amazon install a similar system? They have a huge knowledge about customers interest and a wide network of publishers in their partner program. It would be easy to deliver highly targeted ads and improve the user experience and conversion rates of their affiliate program. I guess Amazon is concerned about privacy. Also Amazon is the market leader. So obviously they are not doing too many mistakes."

From my Looksmart POV (and clearly I have both Amazon & Facebook involved), this article makes 'the hair stand up' on the back of my neck!

< The PostView is a new column written by senior execs working in the European online advertising industry >

Are Facebook & Amazon About To Disrupt The Multi-Billion Euro/Dollar Traditional Display Model?

Then, there was:

From today comes the most interesting story (and, written by John Ebbert), that Amazon Begins Display Ad Retargeting.

In this most informative (albeit brief) piece, John says that it .....'looks like Amazon has started retargeting as last week's news from analyst Ben Schachter of Macquerie Research (via GigaOm) may just be a hint at what's happening inside the e-commerce giant'.

I have reasons for always having Facebook 'close' to Looksmart in this ever evolving global phenomenon. (Look at the 'visitors'/TRAFFIC into & where it's going after leaving, A marketplace that is said to be [the last Co 'call'], purely based on CPA/CPV performance)

And, I mean.. WHO could ever forget?

Disclosure: Long LOOK and so happy to be so!