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Constitution, Not Bible, Is Supreme Law Of The Land - Is It?

....... "The Bible is the exclusive textual foundation for Christians only-- not so for Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, agnostics or atheists." (Or, down-under here - for Australia's own Originals.)

Forget the "issue" within the story ... the question is only about the headline of the story. And it almost equally applies to us, here in Australia.

The Supreme Law of the Land?

Story (Montgomery Advertiser)


It's simple...

We cannot have a law for one and a law for another... (Rule of Law.)

The highest court in America and our court here in Australia just cannot "rule" (at law), that the Pope's "law" only applies to the indigenous of our lands, and ..... that it [the law] does not apply to all other people, living on those same lands.

"The Doctrine of Discovery" -

Always, only an opinion.