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Is the USA truly the land of Freedom of Expression?

I personally believe that there are plenty of indications as to where Looksmart's share price value will be, this time next year. And there's no need to elaborate on that. The internet will be around for quite a long time to come before the next big thing comes along to capture the imagination of society.

And I suspect that (in time), it too, will 'self destruct'.

I've previously pointed out that "control" will be returned to the "old world" rulers and with their media reach, will quickly be in "charge", once again. Younger people (I feel) have "woken up" to the bias of the newspapers (in particular), with television (these days) purely of interest to many, on an odd programme or, two basis.......

And of course, it's (only) all about the 'power to control' and to then (with that control regained), see that money get to flow in the "right" direction ...

History would show us that a "support" system has always been close to the 'rulers' where 'foot soldiers' would be recruited to work on behalf of the machine ....And very much similar to Hitler's own 'brown shirts' [Sturm Abteilung (NYSEMKT:SA) : Nazi Germany ] who reported back anything that they may feel or consider, is detrimental to the "cause"....It's a common, now-a-day practise. With the Internet, it's ever so simple and certainly, far more efficient ....

As "they" the organisation have the exact IP address (of those that may be considered as "being in the way of progress"), it's then 'too simple' to then ban access to that 'user' from any site they choose to do so...And they do ......... and have done so often.

The US's Mikey 'Moron' (one of the two brown shirted "dogs" on Yahoo), only yesterday reminded me of exactly where I stood on this very point. - when, on the subject of the "blocking of an IP access" he had posted:  - [ Re: "Inter-operability" ]

..... "are you so stupid you can't tell how you keep losing the ID's?"

And Australia's own upstanding 'man about town' is the other. And a proper "GRUB" if ever there was one. Banned from posting on every stock board here in OZ, this person (I'm quite sure), wasn't born.... I truly believe that he was 'jerked' up against a paling fence and the sun 'hatched him', is what I'd reckon..... His only "claim to fame" (really), was his own un-ashamed bragging to all, of his 'back-dooring' his best mate....

But of course, in eliminating any opposition whatsoever, and no posts permitted in reply (such as to this classic), is it any wonder that they can then so easily 'survive', without even the slightest risk of ever being challenged .. [ Re: The Break up Value is 6 mm mas ]

Of the other "works of art", I'll let readers be the judge.....

Perhaps the USA should forget about saving the world of all it's troubles, with war after war .... They have their very own "battle" on their homefront, that needs to be sorted out 1st. It's called a corrupt society that is well and truly "grass rooted". - I'm not so sure that they are capable.

Maybe the regulatory investigator [re: 350 million have no problem ] should look a little further "under the bonnet" before any approval of both "hyper-targetting" or, the practise of "re-targeting". - My own story is surely a prime example, as to "exactly" why they should....Talk about 'sheep to the slaughterhouse'.

Well done Looksmart .... It's not hard to create a monster or, two, is it?

As was posted in OZ -

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