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This Corporate "System", Is Broken. Can't Be Repaired.

We are now arriving at the "business end" when talking of the new world ahead, that awaits us all.

Much-like a broken piece of (shattered) glass - and so often when an object or, thing is 'broken', we will quickly come to realise that a replacement becomes an only solution.

This corporate "system", is broken. It cannot be repaired.

The total corruption and fraud associated with Banking (and the fiction of money), has been well and truly documented. Exposed. Unlawful.

So too is the corporate "involvement" within the legal system. It's broken.

Yet, Banking and the "Legal" system continue to so blindly 'carry on regardless', if only to be heading towards an almighty collapse - one that can do no one any good, at all. Including all the crook 'bankster' fraudsters, who continue to embrace it.

Under the Law and the Rule of law that we have and with well intended un-selfish planning, things can be carefully rectified.

The Global Estate can then be returned to it's rightful 'owners', being the living people in our world. For them to then pass on to the next generation. And where a new beginning can be just that, and begin. An end to the unlawfulness.

Whilst I can agree with much of this author's finding, I don't agree with all of it. How much of it do you agree with? -

CORPORATIONS (Corporate persons)

Readers should always remember that all corporations can only "talk" (contract) with another corporation. (At law.)

Also realise that all corporations are "registered" with and are under the Law of the Holy See - in the Vatican City State, Rome.

(The Pope's law.)

This means that any alleged legal 'contract' with any corporation has been (or, it must be) conducted through a dead corporate fiction entity or, through that established "Legal name".

Up until the destruction of the corrupt Roman cult (by the two living Popes), this deceit was being supported, by the Law.

A long time argument about the unlawfulness of the above is that there was clearly a lack any such "disclosure" of or, about these arrangements upfront and that this was then - - never clearly or, not understood by both the living parties involved in any such 'alleged' contract. - And therefore making any such contract null and void, 'ab initio'. (From the beginning.)

< Once a FRAUD is revealed, ALL contracts, ALL document, ALL actions resulting from the initial FRAUD are all rendered NULL & VOID - from the beginning - Ab Initio, Nunc Pro Tunc.

FACT: There is NO Statute of Limitations on the CRIME of FRAUD! >

It's also important for us all to note that living men and women contracted within all corporations, must act as dead corporate fiction entities (Juridic entities/fiction, persons) for or, on behalf of that dead corporation (called, a Juristic entity), when wishing to conduct any such contract with other living men and women. (At law.)

As a result, should any living man or, woman now choose NOT to accept being that "Legal" entity (to be that legal NAME), then no further business whatsoever - can then be, conducted.

The corporate policy "enforcers" are now ALL breaking the law (the Pope's Decree/Law Motu Proprio, a law that commenced on 1st September, 2013), when either by deceit or, through coercion (by threat or, through force), any attempt to make this necessary 'connection' - becomes unlawful. (Or, being what is required at law or, that "corporation to corporation" connection, requirement.)

There is a solution and one that is fair and just to all living men and women who will ultimately get to "share" the Global Estate, and as is intended, at law.

More on that of course, in a post to follow.

Always, only an opinion.