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Are Yahoo! trialing "TOTALITARIANISM" on Yahoo Finance? (2)

From within my own reply [1 Comment] to my previous blog of concern [Are Yahoo! trialing "TOTALITARIANISM" on Yahoo Finance?], I had pointed out that a poster such as ShareCafe in OZ's Mike Mora (who himself is a US citizen, and living and doing business in Fresno California) is not only a deceptive person but is also (as is so clearly proven below), so plainly hypocritical.

I also felt that he may need checking out to see that he is NOT actively trading the stock based on "information" he may well have recieved privately, that is NOT yet in the public domain.

Following the removal of my own posts a shareholder and (and a religeous kind of person, as such) posted his disgust at what he (himself) saw on the board as [Evil people] who, (he says)........

......"are posting incessant poison on this board. Evil people prevail on this board". 

Yahoo! permit multiple aliases on their Yahoo Finance boards. And it's sometimes "fun" to use one in a muck around sense ...But to set out to deceive? To reply to your own posts? And when pointed out, have that whole thread (and evidence of such).then, immediately removed possibly by a Yahoo insider ?

Mike Mora has many aliases he uses to "pump" or,"bash" (according to what side of a trade he is on) and had been proven to have replied to himself with one of his aliases (stock_sensie), that he used again today, in reply to the above concerned shareholder's post ....How "sad" is this?

Mike Mora says:

Re: Evil people 
I wish I had a quarter for every time someone has said that to me.

You see, Mike Mora currently posting as (poster) "onestockrock" IS (also) the above poster "stock_Sensei" and yes, I had previously shared a couple of E Mails with Mike Mora in confidence, that he correctly points out below....

Re: Lossie is rattled, that was easy 
Runtha, yes I spoke with David Hills on the phone and he did in fact tell me that the "aussie distraction" was truly distracting. Elc at the time showed me the actual emails he sent poor Mr Hills.......

He then proceeds to tell a direct and what is a deliberate lie ...For I have never spoken with ex Looksmart CEO (in David Hills), in my entire life. Mike Mora had inadvertantly used the wrong alias, for that above post.

Dishonesty and hypocracy and being proven to be of such type? Mike Mora (I gather?)  would simply wish that, he "had a quarter for every time someone has said that", to or, of him. 

No shame, no gain? No "hide", no Xmas pudding? Or, is it a case of GREED is good and nothing else matters? Me thinks so.

Sour grapes? Hardly, I just felt that this fine upstanding lad who hails from Fresno California may need a reference or, two...