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Queensland Attorney General - Corporate "Vicar" Of The Flock? (Ann Street)

    • From Facebook just now:

      < (As a living man myself, I don't vote.) >

      It would seem that "corporate persons" (the people) also elect the same.

      Other Corporate entities. (Gary N Wendy Jackson)

      The Ballot paper.

      Ross Bradley
    • Gary N Wendy Jackson we wont/don't vote anymore either...
    • Ross Bradley .

      So (members), the Queensland Attorney General Yvette D'Ath (et al) are all dead, corporate persons ... or, Juridic entities, presenting a Juristic entity. (At law.)


    • Ross Bradley .
      Gary N Wendy ... and Crown Law would all be juridic entities too, as they are 'technically' under the AG (at law), herself a juridic entity.

      [So] .... How can they then (at law) ever get to "present" for a living women (Natalie Barber), in front of Justice Douglas? They can't represent her.

    • Gary N Wendy Jackson To 'them', Ross, that's a technicality that they have 'not noticed' before....
    • Ross Bradley Exactly!! It is all coming apart.
    • Ross Bradley I doubt she can use any member of the BAR?
    • Gary N Wendy Jackson I doubt if Anyone has Ever 'come at them' with LAW, and then questioned Who they Really are?

    Ross Bradley They will find out soon enough.

    Gary N Wendy Jackson this is a warning to those who Don't Know and probably have Never considered it, including What LAW is...The excellent 'pay' is Not Given because they are 'Highly Educated', nor because they are 'Entitled', or even 'Lucky'... these men and women in Positions where the Trust of the People is paramount, Are Personally Responsible and LIABLE for any actions that Cause Harm..... hope they Ponder That, and it Sinks in....


The "Vicar" of 50 Ann Street?

Always, only an opinion.