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Apple (AAPL) To BUY Yahoo's RME Today? - Has $100 Billion To Spend.

The NY Times (among many) report that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) will have a significant announcement to make before the market opens, Monday.

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< "Apple Says It Will Announce a Decision About Its Cash"

Apple has finally decided what to do with its cash hoard of nearly $100 billion.

The company issued an unusual media alert on Sunday evening saying it planned to announce on Monday morning the long-awaited outcome to a discussion by its board about what to do with its cash balance. - It will announce its plans in a conference call at 9 a.m. >

PRESS DIGEST - New York Times business news - March 19

And who has forgotten the April 30, 2010 John Gilliam article, already?

Be sure to read my own (Jan 27, 2010) posted thoughts, at the time. (Although a lot has 'evolved', since this was written.)

"Apple will become a huge player in Ad Marketplace"

With Yahoo's Right Media Exchange now 'on the block' (for sale), AAPL becomes a definite potential buyer of it. (Yahoo's RME)

And with a 'controlling stake' in Looksmart - can then further add to that very equation globally, no doubt.

WOW!! Things can start to move fast here...

LOOK: On Mar 16: $1.42 0.00 (0.00%)

Note: LookSmart, Ltd. to Report Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2011 Results on March 20, 2012

Always, only just thoughts.


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FWIW - Here is a copy of it, in full....

"Apple will become a huge player in Ad Marketplace"

Jan 27, 2010 5:00 PM | about stocks: LOOK

Apple's purchase of Quattro heralds a big future for Apple as a 'stand alone' Ad Network or, an Advertising Exchange (?) of enormous potential.

The Apple move to buy Quattro quickly came following Google's own acquisition of the already very successful mobile Ad Network in AdMob.

This linked article supports such a thought as it points out, "How Apple brought AdMob from zero to 4 billion-plus ad requests"

< Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch now account for more than four billion ad requests on AdMob's network.>

Google (AdMob's new owner) has now upset the "apple cart" on two fronts. In bringing out it's own Nexus One mobile appliance, Google is poised to grab market share from the established Apple iPhone product.

Enter Microsoft and Bing.

This article asks the obvious question and certainly provides us with ample reason enough for Apple to "switch" to Bing and Microsoft.

"What would Apple-Microsoft deal mean for mobile search?"

<Google is currently the primary search engine on the [Apple] iPhone, which brings it a healthy stream of mobile ad revenue.

However, with the Android OS and Android Market ramping up, the Nexus One poised to grab market share from the iPhone and with each company acquiring a different mobile ad network, Apple is making it clear that it now perceives Google, not Microsoft, as its No. 1 rival.>

There may well be an even bigger (shared) "prize" for an Apple-Microsoft "get-together" and one that could be built along the very same lines of the Microsoft - Yahoo Search - Ad "deal", that awaits DOJ approval.

Apple's new "Tablet" (reader - just out) would quickly become most attractive (in competition with Amazon and it's Kindle 'portable', plastic reader), particularly when considering the following scenario:

"Can Apple's Tablet Save Newspaper and Magazine Publishers?"

Apple could become a 'pure play' Ad Exchange (like Yahoo's RME) and hand over it's entire publisher platform (s) to the capable (management) hands of a Microsoft publisher Exchange. (I'm sure that we will be hearing plenty in regard to a "re-vamped" [& re-named?] AdECN, and quickly following on from the long awaited DOJ Microsoft - Yahoo, search-advertising "deal" approval.)

We certainly live in interesting times, we do.

Looksmart? - Not to worry. It's only (as described by Mike Mora) a 'sink hole' trading down here @ $1.00. More-so, IF we haven't any idea whatsoever of what it's future (and probable) role is, to play? And in that regard we are simply not being "told" by the Co, is my opinion.

LOOK: 3:59pm ET: $1.00 Up 0.01 (+1.02%)



Disclosure: Long LOOK

Disclosure: Long LOOK and so happy to be so, too...