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Looksmart Is Trying To Figure Out What To Do Next?

"LookSmart's old business model is now history and the company is trying to figure out what to do next." According to Paul Ausick, the Energy Editor of a blog, 24/7WallSt. Read Paul's Full Story

Looksmart (according to the Nasdaq) closed down by Down 0.16 (-11.43%) following the Co yesterday, reporting a Net loss for the fourth quarter of 2011, of $1.8 million or, $0.11 per diluted share.

The noise on the Yahoo Finance LOOK board was almost deafening. With shareholder's opinion permitted to be 'drowned out' by some "spammy" stock tip site, posting it's [Important info : LookSmart, Ltd. (LOOK)] "message", no fewer that 9 times!!

Whilst I claim in my own post reply to another, that Looksmart's CEO tells LIES, it's more a case of what the Co's French born Dr. Jean-Yves Dexmier, Executive Chairman and Chief Executive Officer-doesn't care to tell shareholders and the market, I feel.

- The fact is that Dexmier (in the CC) went to extreme lengths to point out that the bulk of the blame (for the dismal revenues, for Q4 2011) was thrown on the now defunct 'intermediary business' model & at specifically, the Yahoo Partners.

Looksmart's 'independent' Performance marketplace.

Yet I then strongly argued with my 'begging to differ. when I pointed out that there's never been any 'official' mention of a Google involvement with Looksmart. Apart from the stated fact that Google (and the webs leading search engine) helps provide Looksmart with some 5B pieces of user 'search intent' Data, DAILY! (Yes, it's now, 5 billion!)

And never mind, that Looksmart's revenue reported now, is more than likely what was 'termed' in a Filing as being "Comprehensive Income".

The Looksmart story is not disimilar (I feel) to the sad reality of the world's 9/11 truth deniers.

Being a case of where people, not only in the the market but from within the very digital marketing world itself continue on with telling themselves, 'not Looksmart', surely?

Uncovering 10 Years of Deception - Trailer

Always (and, like Paul Ausick), only an opinion.

LOOK: $1.24 Down 0.16 (-11.43%) 3:59PM EDT


ps; Of interest (also) is an announcement (read the link to Adotas), that Zenya has a Database of 1.4 Billion Search Marketing Keywords and that it's large repository - categorizes over 600 million keywords by searcher intent.

Based in Chicago Zenya, a spin-off of search engine provides tools intended to help digital marketers and agencies find useful insights in Big Data.

"Test programs have delivered, with even the smartest search marketers discovering new highly productive keywords."

<.....Unlike common keyword generators that utilize static databases, Zenya's dynamic data is refreshed daily from numerous licensed sources and only includes actual search queries.>

Yes ..."refreshed daily"... "from numerous licensed sources".

From within LookSmart's Q3 2012 Report, Looksmart's CEO Jean-Yves Dexmier advised that:

......."Looksmart's future growth will come largely from direct search advertisers, self-service search advertisers and other digital advertising models under development."

With a known partner of Looksmart (in recent years), it would be no surprise as to where 'up to the moment' Keyword lists - and being "refreshed daily" - are or, may well be coming from. (Looksmart advise of now recieving 5B pieces of that user 'search intent' Data, DAILY. )

One can only hope so. That opportunity to provide SEM managers of S&M businesses not only, help with SEO - but with/for them to be able to target users or, audiences in areas 'local' to a 'self service advertiser' (on a CPA basis) can only help add to creating more robust bidding within any OPEN RTB auction. Making Publishers a lot happier, too. And, certainly those who are within Looksmart's exclusive marketplace.

pps; "Search retargeting finds those individuals who have searched on Google, Yahoo! or Bing for a keyword that matters to your campaign, but who have not visited your site before." - Dax Hamman

Story: Why Search Marketers Are Losing Out With Search Retargeting

Disclosure: Long LOOK