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Looksmart and that "Interoperability" Role with it's AdCenter

|Includes: LookSmart Group, Inc. (LKST)

Five long years of reseach and some 12,000 odd posts were deleted today for virtually suggesting the above to be a real possibility ... has not only deleted all my many hours of work [Note: A check since shows those posts remain, but...], they have totally blocked my IP Address from my getting anywhere near their site ....

It's called CENSORSHIP Folks ...

Oh, it has been going on for a number of years on many sites including Yahoo Finance where I have just made the same suggestion within these two posts.

Helping to answer a question re; LOOK

Re: Helping to answer a question re; LOOK

Just how long they will last on Yahoo Finance will remain the $64.00 question.

Post 1 - Q? - What does "interoperability" mean (In regards to online ad exchanges)?


What does "interoperability" mean?

In the simplest terms it means:

* Supply can originate in one exchange but be made available for sale to buyers from other exchanges.

* Demand can originate in one exchange but flow into other exchanges. For instance, an ad buyer can express its targeting rules, bids and budget on one exchange but also be connected to and able to buy supply originating from other exchanges.

More broadly, this means supply and demand can interact — regardless of the primary exchange their owners (publishers in the case of supply and ad buyers, including networks, agencies and advertisers in the case of demand) are participating in.

And in regards to Looksmart's AdCenter, I wouldn't have known unless someone told me so.


Post 2

Tim Cadogen Makes Case For Interoperability Between Ad Exchanges ...

<..In a recent piece for AdAge OpenX's Tim Cadogen makes a strong case for more interoperability between the growing number of ad exchanges and ...>

I guess Looksmart's AdCenter is in the "box seat" for this (Global) "vacancy", no?

All, IMHO as always.


Disclosure: Long LOOK