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UK Advertising On The Internet Increased By 14.4% Y/Y

Globally it was always going to be the case. As 'times get tougher', people spend more of their time, on the internet.

"Despite the backdrop of a depressed UK economy, advertising on the internet increased by 14.4% to a new high of £4,784 million in 2011, up £687 million year on year."

,"IAB/PwC UK online ad spend Study For 2011 is out today. The big story is that digital ad spending is up £687 million on the 2010 figure, and now stands at £4.784 million. Search returned the biggest growth in all the channels covered by the IAB/PWC report, but display showed a healthy 13% like-on-like rise on 2010."

For Looksmart it further represents what I believe is a growing window of opportunity, in a time soon to come.

Looksmart now manages it's own independent (global) marketplace that gets to operate within the ecosystem.

And contrary to what is a general view (I feel), it is very much 'a niche part' of the evolution - of what really is to become a massive disruption, in the buying and selling of media globally, for the future.

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