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SHAME!! Shame On Looksmart And Shame On An Industry!!

From within answers given over @ Quora we are told that Google offers true "search retargeting" - where you show your ad to users who have searched but not necessarily clicked.

Ben Plomion (from Chango) then further explains the difference between 'search' retargeting & 'site' retargeting when he points out that.."search retargeting" includes an additionnal layer of granularity, since clients bid at the keyword level.

Now there's been....

A good number of comments made following Vince Martin's instapost LookSmart Is As Good As Finished (below the article) or, readers may like to find them by clicking on a Seeking Alpha link within this post.

Chango and that same, "True Search Retargeting"

In a Chango announced partnership with AdSafe Media, Chango is said to be leveraging AdSafe's pre-bid Ad Safety data to score and evaluate the content of individual web pages, ensuring that ads never appear on damaging pages containing adult content, illegal, downloads, offensive language, illegal drugs or hate speech. This can give that extra assurance to advertisers that in their being with Chango,they're in good hands.

Chango tell us that they find "in-market customers" actively searching with keywords that matter to an advertiser's business. - Chango even point out that unlike traditional retargeting, search retargeting finds new customers that have never been to your site before.

And that with Chango, advertisers can.... use search retargeting to prospect for new customers based on the recent searches they've performed on Google, Yahoo and Bing. There's an excellent article explaining how good this is, on the Search Engine Land's web site.

What amazes me is that people who are clearly (or, say they are) in the industry (swanson1 and marcuscent-from their comments under Vince Martin's post), are failing to accept what the Chango offer is about.

Not only do Google & Chango offer "true search retargeting" (where even Google's advertisers can find those 'in market'-ready to buy users, and 'based' on search intent (from yes - - 'searches' those same users have likely performed on Google, Yahoo & Bing!), and I'd swear that this is all about the (approx.) 5 billion keyword/keyword phrases, that's now being provided to Looksmart daily, from those same search engines. -

That (uniquely) independent Looksmart marketplace

Looksmart operate a global marketplace based soley on offering CPA & CPV impressions and admit to having done so since the commence of the Q4 period, 2011. - - Nevermind the (so called) revenues 'hick-up' that was handed down to unsuspecting shareholders, who have (& continue to be), been clearly 'led up the garden path'. -- Let alone what so very much does appear - is that LOOK report only it's Comprehensive Income, as now being it's Revenues!

["If I had to venture a guess, if the CPV model takes off, run-of-site as we know it will cease to exist - and the 300×250 ad unit will go for an exponentially higher premium than it already does. But I'm just the marketing guy." -- Full Story:Cost Per View (NYSE:CPV)]

SHAME!! Shame on Looksmart and shame on an industry (as a whole), in being one that has totally failed to act transparently in recent years.

Meanwhile, Looksmart - with some $24.8 million in cash, flounders along with a Market Cap (on today's close), of just $19.02M.

Yet in today's world - one of "greed and corruption" in corporations, to expect anything different, would simply - to be asking too much.

Always, only an opinion.

LOOK: At 3:59PM EDT: $1.10 Down 0.03 (-2.65%)


ps: Paranoia Strikes Deep at Google

Disclosure: Long LOOK ... Just a little disappointed, today.