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Facebook's Display Ads taken away from Microsoft

|Includes: LookSmart Group, Inc. (LKST)

ClickZ's Zach Rodgers writes that the display ad marriage between Facebook and Microsoft Advertising has hit the fan. Facebook [he says] will now do its own thing and represent and deliver its inventory directly. In addition, it looks like standard IAB ads may be over on Facebook...

This news is contained within an informative article here:

Display Ads Are Back!; Microsoft Display Ads Takes Facebook Punch; Broadcast Execs See More Video Ads Online

With Microsoft's re-introduction of it's RTB publisher Exchange (AdECN) due any day now, some may see the above Facebook news as being a formality. Indeed, I do.

If AdECN (will there be a 're-branding', I wonder?) is to become an independent publisher exchange of global importance (the mother of all publisher exchanges) it will need to concentrate soley on Premium inventory. And with advertisers never to sure of how "safe" Facebook is, the parting of the ways then would have had to have come about.

Zach Rodgers also advise that ..........'it looks like standard IAB ads may be over on Facebook as the company said they prefer "formats that feature social actions [which] perform better and provide a better user experience since they are more consistent with the look and feel of Facebook." Read more.

I recall former Looksmart CEO David Hills telling of Facebook being an AdCenter partner of Looksmart from within a broadcast call..- This award winning "neutral" ad serving platform has been built to scale and would be most suitable to be utilised by Facebook, IMO.

Looksmart's "to and from" traffic (as shown by Alexa - ClickStream) to AdCenter, already includes some traffic coming from and going back, to Facebook. 

I expect this traffic to increase over time.

Looksmart could provide a 'unique' service (with those customised formats, too), to suit facebooks very own needs, I'm sure. And on a global scale.

Traffic to Looksmart's AdCenter is doing very nicely when considering a massive spike had (around 22nd Sept.), that is most likely had under "test" conditions.