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Yahoo Finance is a disgrace Shashi Seth....

Yahoo's new VP of Search Products Shashi Seth (after less than a month in the job) is blowing his trumpet loud today to all and is singing the praises about how good Yahoo is doing 'this' and doing 'that'. [Yahoo: We can have it both ways] -

My best advice to him (from one who has suffered at the hands of a well organised "pump and dump" group (and, clearly working out of or, in conjunction with Yahoo) is to clean up your Yahoo Finance message boards and quick !!!

My blog here contains many a post on the number of "deleted" (yes, CENSORED) posts of mine, over on the LOOK board. I have clearly identified the culprit even. And he (himself) was once (and, may still be so?) a publisher client of Yahoo that had approached me to fraudulently click on Ads, to his own firefighter blog site. Mike is also a Web Marketer? And asked me to be a part of click fraud? Helloo? He's a wonderful person and he'll tell you so, too.
  1. Mike MoraAbout Mike Mora. Upon retirement from firefighting I became interested in ... Firefighter Blog, The Web's first blog owned and operated by a firefighter. ..
Mutli talented, Mike who can contact his "mate" at Yahoo (again, he had told this to me, also) and get posts deleted that do not suit the side of the trade he (or, his "team") may happen to be on. He is having a picnic on Yahoo Finance, so much so that he can now feel safe enough to even flaunt his success.

After having a number of my 'pro-company' posts removed again yesterday, he taunts another shareholder today, as such:

(BTW Tex, where did your mentor/hero go?) :-) Re: DOUBLE BOTTOM (must read)

Perhaps even Yahoo new man Shashi Seth can see through the following, with "Mike" (a known  multi aliased poster) clearly doing his usual fraudulent type operation, and in such a carefree manner.

The anatomy of a fraud

The anatomy of a fraud - (MIKE MORA - onestockrock)

From the OPEN board:

Subject Author Rating Time of Post (NYSE:ET)

Sell all your Open Table
and buy ...
flankenking (1 Rating) 9-Feb-10 11:26 am

Re: Sell all your Open Table
OPEN is severely bloated when compared to your LOCM...
onestockrock (1 Rating) 9-Feb-10 06:41 pm

Re: Sell all your Open Table
I love LOCM! bought it Oct 2009 and still thi...
locmisworth... Rate it 10-Feb-10 12:04 pm

From the LOCM board:

Re: Beats Estimates Again 9-Feb-10 10:12 am
My 1st purchase today, count me in for 1000 looking to acquire 10,000. Found you over at the open mb
locmundervalued Rate it 9-Feb-10 10:18 am

Re: Beats Estimates Again 9-Feb-10 10:18 am
Did anyone listen to Barry Diller <IACI> report? Possible merger between the co's makes pure sense
locmundervalued Rate it 9-Feb-10 10:18 am

The LOOK board here:

Sell LOOK Buy LOCM 9-Feb-10 04:57 pm
LOCM growth
Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): 70.90%

LOOK negative (-) growth
Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy): -18.70%

Nuff said, except LOCM is selling at 1.4 times sales. This is a growth story, LOOK is dead.
onestockrock Rate it 9-Feb-10 04:57 pm

Yes ...Nuff said.

And proven to be a fraud many times over, too. Not too hard to weed out a rotten egg or, two in Yahoo surely
Shashi ? - A 'new broom' generally sweeps best, no?