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The "Crown Corporation"..City Of Westminster/London (2)

Following on from the previous blog-post.

Then along came ... The Injunctions of 1559. Where Queen Elizabeth re-installed all that had been invalidated by Queen Mary, before her.

Perhaps both she and his Honour Judge David Jackson conveniently forgot that "the Queen/King"....was always, a corporation sole? (Of the C of E.)

And that the Crown corporation (in conjunction with the corrupt Popes), was "running" the show, in reality. That Queen Mary had been "stitched up", good and proper by Rome and, ad infinitum.

And Frederic Maitland (back in 1901) gives us some invaluable information and the following tells us (in the screen-shot) that "The King", was always and in today's world Elizabeth II, a subject(s), of the Pope.

As a corporation sole, the "monarchs" have always been "registered" with and under the control of, the Roman Curia.

The Queen is a corporation sole of, the Church of England.

The Pope (Francis) himself being a/the Corporation sole of, the Roman Curia and Pontiff over the Holy See, that "powers" the Roman Curia.

(Note how he finished his Decree in the All Caps, FRANCISCUS.)


The Decree:

And I do believe that there is not a "Justice" who has sworn the Oath worth his/her "salt" who couldn't see the argument as has been put, as being correct - and can hold his/her head high, in ruling that way.

Back in those days and they continue to try doing so, they could "fool" and coerce the masses- yet they could never have hoped to fool, history as it has been written and or, recorded, and at law.