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If You Are A Minister Of The Crown...

The CROWN ("Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second")

*"I believe, that if you are a Minister of the Crown, you need to take some responsibility for what you say in public," Palaszczuk said.

[Queensland's Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.]

*Ministers and other MPs must apply for indemnity under the current system and Cabinet makes a decision about whether their legal costs are covered.

*It becomes a licence to say whatever first springs to mind.

The Government might refine the convention but politicians will find a way to make us pay for their loose lips.

Terry Sweetman - "Opinion" ~ The Courier-Mail

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Clearly (and under that third point, the writer of the article makes), juridical persons in the Parliament or, in Government have existing or, can "make" law in the state, to protect themselves from personal liability for their own harmful actions and omissions.

At least this is what appears to be, the 'reality'.

For too long now, all discrepancies made by any "Minister of the Crown" is or, has been "covered" by or, from off the backs of the 'sweat equity' of the 'slaves' of the corporate state, the citizens.

What is the law that Politicians are said to be above? (And as juridical persons?)

It should be pretty obvious that if the CROWN is "Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second" (being, a Juristic entity), then both Politicians and all other juridical "persons" under the umbrella of the state are clearly now ALL fully, personally & commercially LIABLE for their own actions or omissions.


Because the Decree made 'Motu Proprio' by the Legal Title holder and Trustee of the 'body' called the Roman Curia (FRANCISCUS), says so.

Yes, that's the law. (The law for all corporate entities or, juridical persons being a subjects of or, to/under the Roman Curia legal system.)

No longer can they cause "harm" and not become personally liable.

Perhaps Queensland's Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk may well have this in the back of her mind, when the Government get to decide to 'refine' the existing immunity convention.

Because at the moment and as the "law" stands, both the former premier Campbell Newman and his attorney-general, Jarrod Bleijie are and should be personally liable for, the $525,000 or, private settlement already paid, along with all other costs, yet to come.

(We won't hear too much about that, of course.)

Queensland, a lawful state? It depends on just who those who are running Queensland, feel - that they themselves answer to, at law.

As Politicians (juridical persons), you can never lose - if you seriously feel that you can make laws for yourself. And continue to do so.

In the meantime, all QUEENSLANDERS must work harder and longer to pay for Politician's actions and omissions. (Harm that they cause.)

"When I was a little boy my daddy used to say to me son

We got a little big land and a lotta hard work to be done

Go get your marbles put 'em in the house tear down your castles in the sand

Come with your pappy to the cotton patch and get a little dirt on your hands"

The Decree:

Always, only an opinion.