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The CQV Act Itself (In 1666) Was The Beginning Of Modern Day Slavery

The GLOBAL ESTATE Trust - that 1st EXPRESS Trust

The following question was asked and it has been asked from time to time:

Q? "Does anyone know if we are under the Cestui Que ["Vie"] Trust and can we access it?"

My reply came, as follows:

Constantino Rumac​ ... re; accessing the CQV Trust?

From our "live birth" record (and at law), we are part of the 'body politic' (so to speak) of the Global Estate Trust. (Both under & protected by the "law" that governs corporations.)

The land (and all it's resources) is (was) meant to be 'shared' among each living generation (that's all men/women) and is to be passed on to the next generation in better "shape" than when we inherited (were born into), it.

The CQV Act itself (in 1666) was the beginning of a usurpation of our inherent rights as living men and women, and by (criminal) corporate raiders over the centuries.

Through our own ignorance.

They have stolen and continue to "raid" that "mother of all Trusts" (and, talked of as being, the initial EXPRESS TRUST with FRANCISCUS, Pope Francis - as the Trustee or, "settlor"), and have turned us into being a "slave", as persons.

Cestui Que Vie Act 1666 -


In all Public Trusts (all the corporate state, constructs), we are the living beneficiaries, after-all.

We don't quite realise the true extent of what this really means. In that (and, as a man/woman) we are "sovereigns" of, our person. (And in all of them, including the Global Estate Trust, itself.)

We need to (and will do so), get to recover our inherent "rights" to both the land and it's resources, and according to law.



("This Land is your land, this land is my Land"? - Woody Guthrie.)

YouTube (1933):

Woody Guthrie- This Land Is Your Land

[At law] We can go out and find that perfect "spot" on any designated "CROWN" Land and use it, as our own. Yep!!

And Arlo's Dad Woody knew, back in 1933!

The $64.00 question here in Australia is:

Q? WHEN will members of the LAW SOCIETY (who have made/sworn an Oath of allegiance to the CROWN and lawful sovereign of Australia) start to "stand up" and be "counted"? Be the man/woman that you all are?

And start to "fight" this matter (at law), in law courts?

And "fight" (this matter) before those in the judiciary [those], who have also "sworn that same Oath", accordingly.

Always, only an opinion.