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LAW And The Rule Of Law. (No One Is Above, The Law?)

The Key? --> "individual dissent was considered necessary to the health of the body politic"

There is no LAW (even powered by the Crown) that cannot be challenged, in a Law court. As even those that hand down “the law” can make mistakes. And, for whatever the (or, their) reason.

It's the Common Law, that's what it is.

Historically (and over many centuries), Kings and Queens assenting to Acts from the UK Parliament have become the Law.

CROWN ='s superior body politic

The sovereign's tacit consent (secret agreement) is to be always understood as being part of the Crown's system. Yet over time (for centuries), both Kings and Queens and the UK Parliament have had their very own 'agenda' to look after. (City of London/Crown Corporation.)

And, the sovereign himself can (or, could) never interfere and say...”That's wrong”.... or, .... ”Change it”.

(Yet there comes a time, when “changemust occur.)

This is why in recent times and with the Decrees handed down by both living Popes, they are doing (and have done) what is needed from their position of being the supreme corporation sole and as the sovereign.

They made Laws

And with what will become the 2nd most historical FRANCIS/FRANCISCUS Decree that binds both living Popes, within the law.

At Law … WE ARE ALL EQUAL ---> As or, through our own “Bodies Politic

Yet, as an equal “body politic” (all corporate or, legal persons) as in this Roman Curia global legal system each man or, woman or, Corporation within the system (and through our/their "legal person") we are both under and protected by the Law of the system.



Screenshot (above) is showing "the law" as was handed down incorporating all within the land called AUSTRALIA, as "legal persons".


And all can (as an individual body politic), get to “challengeany Law that we or, they (Corporations) may feel is wrong or, should not now, be a part of the very system.

This is done within any of the Supreme Court's spiritual or, ecclesiastical law jurisdiction or, what is the “jurisdiction ecclesiastical” and a/the decision handed down (if in our or, their favour), then becomes the law.

Unless it then, is successfully appealed at the highest level of “jurisdiction ecclesiastical”, over in Rome.

What a fascinating and a totallyequalglobal system it is where all men and women and corporations (as bodies) within, are bound by its law.

The Law:

Interpretation of the Law: