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JURISDICTION Is “Authority”. It Can Only Come From "The Crown".

JURISDICTION is “Authority”. (Jurisdiction or, authority comes from, the Crown. I have no jurisdiction over you. And you have no 'authority', over me.)

All states are created at law and have had legal personality vested in them. They are legal persons.

Only a “legal person” created at law can sue and or, be sued. (The law of, the Crown.)

(Legal personality is an inherent birth-right that cannot be taken away from all men and women.)


Members of the Judiciary are chosen to 'act' under the Legal Personality of a state.

Members of any Parliament are elected and are appointed, under the Legal Personality of a state.

All men and women having Legal Personality are protected by the law of the Crown.


If elected or, selected men and women who when chosen to “act” under the Legal Personality of a state are not sworn or, have chosen to not swear their allegiance to the Crown, they can never have any authority (at the Crown's superior law), over the (any/ALL) subjects of, the Crown. If they are not sworn to the Crown, then they cannot participate. (No authority.)

Members of any state's Police have no jurisdiction (over men/women) unless it involves, a crime.

All states (that are under the Crown), cannot ever make law or, have any jurisdiction over a man or, a woman who (at law) are an “equal” subject, of the Crown. At all times, men and women are and can only begoverned” …. by consent.

All POLITICIANS and members of the JUDICIARY who are not "sworn to the Crown" are clearly "worthless" .... to any society.