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ACAP Automated Content Access Protocol - Microsoft took interest last autumn

It was within my very Reply to Thomas Jower's (own), "How to Fix Microsoft for $5 Billion" (Jul 1, 2009), that I had so boldly predicted, that:

........"Users can be more easily 'targeted' then, from 'partner to partner' and site to site ..." 

In fact, there's lot's more that was predicted, ok?

"MSFT won't need to spend one penny, ok? (But they may care to "donate" some of their 'savings' to you and me?) ...... fact, as a result of what we will soon see become (a happy announcement of search marketing's "Wedding of the Year"  - the Century?), the MSN and Yahoo drawn-out courtship together will get to be consumated! After these two (finally), do get to "tie the knot". IMHO".

They did.

Reply to Thomas Jower's (own), "How to Fix Microsoft for $5 Billion"

And the news today.....

"This is exactly the kind of area in which Microsoft took an interest last autumn, when it began supporting Automated Content Access Protocol (ACAP), the newspaper business’ preferred system of rule-making for whether search engines can go behind the wall or not."


Yes, it was (also) In LC's little "pre-amble" that it clearly points to this very FACT, as the future that is so near, is getting closer by each day fading into the past..

I wrote that LC is a.....

"Longstanding investor in Looksmart with a passionate interest in the problems of newspapers and their success with their monetisation attempts, on the web. 

And the "times are indeed, a changing".... I feel... For, history will also show that ACAP (the, Automated Content Access...

Now who had also talked of this very point some 3 maybe 4 years or, more ago?

LOL !!

Who knew?

"And that with ACAP, the newspaper industry once again .... will not only become a part of our every-day lives, but [it] will be fiercely-enforced along the way ...... And rightly so...

...................Where your "free" (Local) "rag", may well even survive and become (as was also predicted by myself back in 2005), the very "lynch pin" between local business and the web!" 

Nevermind ....

No one reads my posts anyway. For, We are ALL geniuses in our own lunch-breaks, right? And it's what makes a market . Some sell as we see (others) buy from them...

With LOOK ... I'm not here to "win friends and influence people" ...far from it ... I simply want to lead shareholders to the "promised land" .... For,'40 days in the desert' is 'a long time in between drinks' as we well know, right?  



Disclosure: Long and strong LOOK