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Looksmart's AdCenter Engine to drive this Inter-Exchange "Bus"?


It would be reasonably fair to say that in a fully automated ('one stop shop')  advertiser - publisher marketplace, both buyers and sellers will have a need for all to have a 'uniform' API.

To then all be enabled for that constant 'criss-crossing' or, the daily, literally billions of (buy - sell) 'inter-connections' had between Exchanges.

There's a need for a one (single) bus to ride on daily within the one (and, global scaled) marketplace.- As they all have a need to be compatible (with each other) or, any such 'inter-operability' - simply can't take place.

I had stated in a recent Instablog post, that .....
"Looksmart operate a (global) advertising network that is "neutral" & it is one that provides a private labeled adcenter API for both advertiser and publisher involvements within it's advertising network."

And I stressed that Media buyers (I said marketers) .. are (still) having to make tens, twenties even hundreds of Ad buys to complete a campaign (book-fill) spend .......This takes time to do. Why wouldn't they simply do it all with Google? Or, with Yahoo? Or, even with Microsoft or, just do a 'spend' it in equal proportions with all three? (Is what I had asked)
In a fully automated ('one stop shop') global marketplace, both buyers and sellers will have a need for all to have a 'uniform' API to enable that constant 'criss-crossing' or, daily billions of (buy - sell) 'inter-connections' had between Exchanges, within the one (single, scaled) marketplace.

They all have a need to be compatible with each other or, such 'inter-operability' - simply can't take place.
The best "clue" given to date (on the above), comes to us from the TURN blog that tells us of..

"Turn’s Next Generation Media Buying and Optimization Platform"
TURN CEO Bill Demas (posted on January 25, 2010), says:
"Our 2.0 platform includes a series of feature upgrades designed to simplify and improve the process of buying custom audiences at scale. Some of the new capabilities include":
Single-click deployment across all real-time bidding (RTB) inventory sources"

There's that 'very' (one stop shop) private labeled "inter-connector" (NYSEMKT:API) that will enable buyers to reach scaled audiences with a single click. And ......  across ALL real-time bidding (RTB) inventory sources?
This is TURN's own (private-labeling) of that 'universal' (to all) bus ticket that all leading agencies and advertisers (buyers), will be rushing to get a piece of, right? (For, that 'one stop shop', no?)
And, it's one (yes's TURN's new 2.0 platform), that gets a buyer across all real-time bidding (RTB) inventory sources....
And not just Microsoft's AdECN inventory, ok? TURN says ALL real-time bidding (RTB) inventory sources and (again), according to TURN's blog again and only yesterday ... the news that AdECN is only just starting to scale ...
< AdECN deliversRTB goes live!
Good news in the RTB world from Microsoft! For the past few weeks AdECN has been serving live inventory through their new RTB enabled exchange. The volumes are limited as expected for the initial beta but ramping nicely. >
The question still remains, though ...To operate a (global) advertising network that is "neutral" (and an 'ever-on' auction based marketplace, and that's "blind" to all players), won't it then have a need to be one that provides a private labeled (common to all) API, for both advertiser and publisher involvements?
For them all to be on the same 'bus'? And one that will then need a (single powered) or, the one "engine" that will be 'driving' that (same) bus, no?
A bus 'driver' is what I called the "inter-operator",or, being an "inter-connector" or, an engine providing the always-on (live) 'switching' between Exchanges.

So that (with that 'common' to all API ticket) all global players (advertisers and publishers type), can then get to operate through Exchanges or, get to freely enter or, get off the 'bus' with. [That 'ticket' to ride.]
A further clue? It won't be coming from a Google, a Microsoft, a Yahoo or, even a TURN.

But in my opinion, it WILL be an independent one that (some form of) ALL those abovementioned major Exchanges, will certainly be getting to use daily and will all be riding on this same bus, too.

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Disclosure: A ticker holder on the Looksmart "Bus"