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Yahoo and BING, as early as next week?

I make no secret of my excitement for the DOJ (and EU authority) approval of the Microsft-Yahoo search & advertising deal, "go-ahead" that's been given.

Pandia Search, in their excellent (recent) article [Yahoo! switches to Bing search results ] say, that .....

< This means that Yahoo! will close down it's own search engine and start using Bing search results instead, probably as early as next week. >    

My main 'interest' (of course) centers around my strong belief that there's a role there for Looksmart's independent AdCenter advertising network. The only such 'neutral' Management platform (of it's kind), that has been built to scale.

Following a couple of (virtual) 'revelations' made (at AdExchanger,com) that had been recently told (by the CEO of a self-service Ad Platform), I have become even more excitied of my invested Co's prospects in the near future and behond.

Especially after yet another DSP in TURN [ ], had itself also advised, of a number of similar capabilities, yes, that include that all important :

< Single-click deployment across all real-time bidding (R T B) inventory sources. yes, finally that 'one stop shop' for advertisers and agencies to save so much time and have increased efficiencies.>

Microsoft, Yahoo and their respective self-serve platforms"


In fact, I am awaiting a reply from Zach Coelius (The CEO of Triggit), in a comment I had made to his recent similar claims that he has made of Triggit.

Triggit To Open Real-Time Bidding To All Advertisers Says CEO Coelius

I had then (also) put the question to a "basher" poster on the LOOK board, over on Yahoo Finance (yes,.Mikey Mora - 'onestockrock' - who doesn't hold a share in LOOK - yet is a 'plant' - a 'board watcher' who appears daily & 'informs' back to Looksmart IMHO.

And subsequently, has positive posts quickly deleted.

I had then suggested to him that he may even like to then tell the Yahoo LOOK board of his own "interpretation" of the following thoughts.

Firstly,  in regards to the Traffic (as is shown on Alexa), that is coming into....

.........and in particular, of the 6.15% shown as coming direct from Yahoo ..and of the 1.62% coming in from Microsoft's BING and certainly, would he perhaps care to comment on 'exactly' what kind of a partnerships (or, relationship), that they may both represent, in their dealings with Looksmart?

Click on "ClickStream", here:

I had then asked him to tell the board (also) of his thoughts in regards to traffic (coming into Looksmart's AdCenter) from Google and ASK, perhaps?

What does this all mean, I had (in fact), asked of him to explain? (Before deletion)

And, I had asked for an answer to the simplest of questions .. "Why are they all coming for Mikey"? ("Now, that shouldn't be all that hard to answer, surely"?)

I went on to say to him (before ALL posts were quickly deleted from the Yahoo Finance LOOK board), the following (sic):

Mikey , you may even care to explain to the board and shareholder "O" (that, with RTB and "universal frequency capping" or, what is, that "one stop shop"), exactly how does Triggit's platform achieve it's "unified analytics, reporting and optimization", when at the very same time it gets to (itself), specifically offer sites like The NY Times or, Yahoo's properties, to it's Premium advertisers?

How in the world does it get to optimize on these same sites?

Yet Yahoo and The NY Times (who both happen to have their very own "self-serve" Ad Server - in AdReady), and it also naturally offers a direct involvement in the RTB auction marketplace (and yes, for [both] The NY Times or, Yahoo's properties),  that they offer to their advertisers. Advertisers who already are (also) coming into both these site/s respectively, via AdReady.

It's fact that Yahoo has it's own RTB in The Right Media Premium Exchange.

Does not it's (Yahoo's) own Premium advertisers get to be a part of RTB and, not only to access it's very own inventory, but for that of the NY Times' site, too?


And I ask that you Mikey may care to now tell the board (and tell "O", especially), as to exactly whose RTB auction do either (all) of those advertisers face (those advertisers coming from the two different ad platforms in "Triggit" or, "AdReady"), when they are both 'vie-ing for' that exact same inventory position, on The NY Times and are pitted up against an advertiser coming direct from Yahoo's RME?

For, are they not then having to compete (also), with Premium advertisers coming from Yahoo's RME to The NY Times? Be sure to tell us an answer to that, Mikey?

(Bearing in mind that Looksmart's AdCenter is an auction based platform, too)

Tell us in your reply (that of the three platforms, as are mentioned above - Triggit, AdReady and Yahoo), what exactly do you think happens when it's a situation, that they are all wanting to serve An Ad ... to that exact, same NYTimes' spot?

Tell the board and "O" as to how any one of the three platforms ...... then get to provide the auction and furnish each their advertisers with that (now) "unified analytics, reporting and optimization"? (That is "equal" to all, no?

And that can now (all) provide that "universal frequency capping" for agencies to then (also) bid 'concurrently', and even for that same NY Times spot? No?)

Wouldn't this not all require some kind of (an) independency in both the auction and reporting process? I mean ...Who or, which one of the three can be believed? Toss a coin (?) or, we could safely believe the agencies if they happen to compete for the spot, maybe? But, what if they don't? Doesn't matter, does it as it's (now) all 'universal', no?

Better still, lets now 'throw into the auction' (and have running against all three advertisers from Triggit, AdReady & Yahoo), another three advertisers (coming into this now 'heated' bidding war, with all going for that one NYT's 'spot'), and with these (new and) additional advertisers now coming from Google, Microsoft's own adcenter (or, maybe it's FAST) and ASK, for good measure.

(And, let's hope that Microsoft's adCenter doesn't win - as, Microsoft's adCenter doesn't "do" analytics now, in case you are not already aware of this fact)

(Bearing in mind that Looksmart's AdCenter does analytics in it's platform, too)

Yet.If they are all to provide that "unified analytics, reporting & optimization", where do they get all this information? Off who? Tell us, who provides them with details of the winning bid, under such conditions?

Who provides that all important "inter-operability" or, what could commonly be called the "switching"..the "Inter-connecting" required? Tell us whose "auction" the SIX now get to use? When at the "Exchange to Exchange" level? As (the end result will be) that only one of those six advertisers can get to win that spot at the NY Times, no?

(Again.Bear in mind that Looksmart's AdCenter is an auction based platform, too)

The CEO of Triggit (Zach Coelius) actually says:

"With RTB, our clients are able to target down to specific sites while being able to leverage the scale of the billions of available daily impressions".

And that...... "The platform also "enables" them to manage universal frequency capping and see unified analytics, reporting and optimization."

And, that the "ONE buy" across the marketplace, will (can now), incorporate all of the above. Note that Triggit doesn't (directly) provide all this ..... As it's the going through the Triggit platform that "enables" all of this, true?

The question for you Mikey (so clever that you are), boils down to, who is it that does the 'unified' reporting and the (unified) analytics (across the marketplace) for all the above named (the same SIX platforms that are involved), for starters?

For ..... How can they (all) "independently" do it themselves, you fool?

The fact is, that the Triggit CEO clearly tells us that ... The Triggit platform "enables" them (their advertisers), to do all this ...and across the scale of the whole network, no?

(Bearing in mind that Looksmart's AdCenter platform is built to scale, too)

And, if this isn't so ... How do they get to then ... "leverage the scale of the billions of available daily impressions", as we are told (in fact), that they do so?

So it's now over to you Mikey for answers,  you oh so brilliant fireman's blogger, SEO 'extra-ordinaire' and web marketer, that you are.

Tell the board (and "O"), of your own style of "interpretation" (add a little 'flair' if you care?) and certainly your answers to the questions put (& that have almost, all been answered for you), up above, will be most interesting, to say the least.

Mikey Mora (the fascist board "watcher" and basher/post deleter) never got the chance to reply. He couldn't. The deleting of my series of (all my) posts was (like a typical Judas), a much easier or, compelling option to take. And he took it, Folks.

LOOK: On Feb 19: $0.98 Down 0.01 (-1.01%)

Looksmart (from the last quarterly) has $27.2 million in cash and a current Market Cap of less than $17 million.


Disclosure: Long LOOK and so happy to be so.