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Looksmart's Gill Brown - SEM is expected to grow 15-20% in 2010


Here's a "positive" out today .....

Gill Brown
(Looksmart's Vice President of Advertising Network Sales), says:

"A lot of promising projections have been made when it comes to search ad spend in 2010.

Efficient Frontier
made an optimistic projection for the upcoming year (SEM [search engine marketing] is expected to grow 15-20% in 2010) and we feel similar positive sentiment."

Yes, and Looksmart? .... "we feel similar positive sentiment"

Full article:
.Mapping Out the Non-Proprietary Search Space: Part III Written onFeb 23, 2010 
Author Gill Brown 

cartographerADOTAS – This is the last entry in a three-part series on the non-proprietary search space. Check out part one and part two.

As this series on the non-proprietary search market comes to a close, hopefully we have shed some valuable light on the broader search advertising industry, beyond the “big three” search engines — Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft.

In parts one and two of the series, we discussed what the non-proprietary search industry is, why it matters and what the challenges and opportunities involved really are. In this third and final portion of the series, we’ll explore specific non-proprietary search partners, how you can make the most of your ad spend with them and what to expect from the industry at large in 2010.

re; these “supplemental search networks,” as one ADOTAS reader termed them?

Notable companies in the non-proprietary search industry include our company, LookSmart, as well as companies like Ask, AdKnowledge, 7Search, and Some of these companies, for instance, have their own owned-and-operated search site, but the vast majority of their traffic comes from other sources.

So, how do you choose? (bla, bla, bla .....)

Do they have conversion tracking capabilities?

Can they meet your campaign goals? Can they tailor your campaigns to help you achieve your specific success metrics (ROI, CPA, page views [see below], etc)? Do they offer a customer support team that is geared toward helping you achieve success?

2. Power of the Platform: Make sure your non-proprietary search vendor has advanced targeting and tracking capabilities to help optimize your campaigns and reach your goals more efficiently.

  • Geo-targeting
  • Ad scheduling/day parting
  • Keyword targeting
  • Site-level targeting and budget capping
  • Ad rotation

How many queries do you process daily?


This is a very good article to read in full. As is the one linked below.  It goes a lot further and simplifies the Ad Network existence in relation to publishers.

I feel when Exchanges get to be more fully "up and running" (when Microsoft re-introduce their AdECN, for starters), more competition will then increase CPM payments due to the increase in advertisers being introduced to select (available) publisher inventory.

This will help the Looksmart AdCenter 'management' side of the Looksmart advertising network as a higher (that percentage) handling fee (for the "inter-connecting" of Ad/pubs through those Exchanges), can then be anticipated.

10 Things to Consider When Choosing an Ad Network - Food Blog Alliance

That means at 1000 "page views" a day, you'll make $3 per day from those ads, or $90 a month. Depending on the ad network, and the time of year (more spending ...

Ads for the most part work off of a CPM model, or "Cost Per Thousand" impressions. [Yes, those "queries "] - Let's just say you can get a $3 net CPM for all the ads (combined) on your pages. That means at 1000 page views a day, you'll make $3 per day from those ads, or $90 a month."

Any above comments made are (in) my own honest opinion, as always.


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