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Looksmart "watch-dog" Mikey Mora says Kevin C. Howe - Now "Shorting" LOOK?

The Looksmart "board-watcher" over on Yahoo Finance's LOOK board is pretty good at having posts removed and helping to 'arrange' with Yahoo, my banning from posting replies to him, on that site. Yes, it's so blatantly clear, that it's a straight out case of CENSORSHIP, Folks.

Well done Yahoo and 'new boy', Shashi Seth...

"Yahoo Finance is a disgrace Shashi Seth.... "

Mora is now able to freely make posts (un-challenged), the likes of the following:

"...the biggest partner they could have gotten was ASK and that didn't do a thing for them. Who on EARTH could they partner with that would double the SP"?

Re:Listen clearly Hobbit tex

...... I do wonder as to "when will the pennies ever drop" for Mikey and as to how long it will take him to get to realises that an advertising network partner like Google (collectively), is now providing 34.34% of all traffic being recorded coming into Looksmart's advertising marketplace?

That's into the 'chief role' of AdCenter (and, that's "management") or, at least the bulk of the portion of it (?), that is showing on Alexa (below), at

And where the 'recording' and the main "management" (the "inter-operability") aspect of the growing Looksmart's global (& independent) AdCenter advertising marketplace, happens to be housed.

And, that whilst that longstanding partner like, do happen to have their own 'owned-and-operated' search site, it was clearly explained by Gill Brown a VP of Looksmart - in my previous post .....["Looksmart's Gill Brown - SEM is expected to grow 15-20% in 2010"] ....that .."the vast majority of their traffic comes from other sources".

The remains of the "hosting agreement" (to end shortly and if in fact, not already) is showing it recieves just 4.38% of traffic that is coming out of AdCenter (enquiries), to it's sites, as it shows on

"Biggest Partner" Mikey?


Upstream Sites

Percent of total visits to preceded by a visit to the upstream site.

Downstream Sites

Percent of total visits to followed by a visit to the downstream site.


Mikey Mora then follows up with yet another of his classics in his very next post.
Re: Expect a new HIGH for 20

He says to Tex:

"........did it ever occur to you this Howe chap is lending his shares for shorts? - Likely closer to the truth. Hedging may be one way these trapped funds can escape with anything above .50."

Kevin C. Howe (Looksmart's largest shareholder) has increased his holding from holdings of 1,281,819 shares to now hold 1,693,119 in all. - 7.50 % up, to 9.88% [Comment post - Looksmart? - Well .."BlackRock and Sidus are BUYING" ]

The 'short' position on Looksmart's total of an approx 17.2M shares (as issued) has in fact more than "doubled" in recent times, according to the Nasdaq site.

1/29/2010 4,733 91,092 1.000000
1/15/2010 2,046 102,678 1.000000

As can be seen, the number of additional shares of LOOK "shorted" totals a massive 2687 and the 'brillance' of Mikey Mora's thinking says, that Looksmart's largest shareholder ( this Kevin C. Howe chap who has added an additional, over 400,000 to his total of late and, this can be clearly seen above),..... "is lending his shares for shorts" - Hellooo?

I mean .............Just how clever is this Mikey Mora, I ask?  OMG !!



Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so.