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Potential Google Antitrust Fine Could Top $2.3 Billion

Doug Cavery reports that "The [EU] Commission can impose a penalty of up to 10pc of Google's $23.6bn annual revenues if it finds that Google uses its 90pc share of the UK search market to suppress its rivals."

I find it all amazing when (in the market and the digital media, almost across the board), the (so obvious) daily collusion in the "supression" of news from the general marketplace (question? Are ordinary shareholders or, the general public - "it's rivals"?), goes on, right underneath the authority's noses.

......1st the Report from and (below) my own Instablog post on today's CENSORSHIP or, information suppressed, to favour one over the other. (And we think bloggers in China have a problem?)

Potential Google Antitrust Fine Could Top $2.3 Billion

By: Doug Caverly

It's time for everyone with a financial interest in Google to cross their fingers that the search giant won't be found guilty of abusing its dominance. It's been calculated that European Commission could fine the company as much as $2.36 billion if that occurs. To backtrack a little: Google announced earlier this week that the European Commission...

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My beef?

I had replied to a comment made on today.

I supplied a link to the full (this, Instapost) story, here @ SeekingAlpha. quickly deleted that link from my reply.

A further post (providing announced "facts" about the very subject), then failed to pass moderation. Read the details, as follow:

< It's interesting that a link in my 1st comment made (in a reply to that made by Vivek Vaidya), contained a Link back to the above InstaBlog.

This (link) was promptly "deleted" by

It will now be of interest if my 2nd comment (awaiting moderation - as can be seen, below), gets to be published in it's entirety? (There's no swearing or, blashemy contained in it, surely?) >


2 Responses to “Yahoo! Currently Running RTB Pilot On Right Media, Clarifies What The Publisher Needs To Know About RTB

It's slightly more involved than that isn't it?

For one, the Ad Exchange has to provide information about the winning bid amount (that was actually paid by the winner, not true value) to all bidders. Last I checked, not all Ad Exchanges do this -- they only provide the winning bid amount to the winner (obviously, they have to).

And further, because RTB is a server-to-server protocol, the Bidder has to implement Cookie-Synching with the Ad Exchange in order to associate their own User IDs with the Bid Requests. While Cookie-Synching is certainly straightforward to implement, building all the enabling technology to reconcile user profiles across publishers and figure out how much they're worth requires a lot of effort.

Having said that, a lot of buyers (DSPs and some Ad Networks in particular) have this technology (that is after all their special sauce).

One possible solution for this problem is for the Ad Exchange to not disclose winning bid amounts to all bidders but instead to provide specialized bid guidance data and reports that can be used by the bidders to inform their bidding strategies.


By Vivek Vaidya on Feb 25, 2010

Interesting comment you make, Vivek ...

Could it be that those buyers (the DSPs and some Ad Networks in particular, as mentioned) that 'luckily' have this additional technology, may simply be more compatible or, more 'in synch' with those exchanges that are providing such data?


By Ross Bradley on Feb 25, 2010

My second post: (To - And, as copied when posted)

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Which reminds me once again of what is the only independent auction based "marketplace" that is built to scale, and that:

The AdCenter platform shares distributed advertisers across LookSmart's Marketplace of white label publishers.

....... Advertisers within (or, who access) the LookSmart AdCenter Platform gain access to CPC auction technology and extended distribution channels of the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace.

Ref: - investor.shareholder.c...

[ and Pay Group International Join the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace as Premier Partners]



By Ross Bradley on Feb 25, 2010

Gooone !! -


And the European Commission could fine Google as much as $2.36 billion for supressing it's rivals?

How much is supressing 'fair comment' and news of interest from the general public worth then?

When is all this "us and them" mentality (the) 'goings on' in the digital media going to stop, I ask? And let's hope quickly, too.

We are corruptly pandering to insiders, no?
By the regular (fascist styled) suppressing of 'general information', are we not?

Aren't we not quickly eating away at the very same "trust", that the "old world" (print) media had lost long ago....?

Ross Bradley - AKA Looking Confident