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AP readies for Apple's iPad, Tom Curley said

..Called AP Gateway, the unit will oversee the development of software that will enable newspapers as well as the news cooperative to display content on such devices as Apple Computer Inc.'s iPad, according to Tom Curley, AP's president and CEO. - Full story: [AP readies for iPad‎]

Another report advises that .......

"According to AP sources, it will be a news app that wrangles in content from the AP and their more than 1,000 member newspapers and broadcasters, similar to the AP's current mobile offerings"

The AP's own story [News from The Associated Press] tells us that "Some services might be supported by advertising revenue, while others might require readers to pay subscriptions", the AP's chief executive, Tom Curley said.

And I'd suggest that it's ALL about advertising.

"Apple will become a huge player in Ad Marketplace

As I have pointed out in a previous post that (with banner advertising targeting users across the web), the UK's Guardian newspaper at scale, can get to achieve (annual) revenues of some: $200,880,000 !!!!

(Yes ....And, on it's International "uniq
ues", alone)

That Newspapers are being 'corralled' into "content consortiums" has been 'a work in progress' for a number of years now, IMHO.

There's some 20,000 odd, just here -

A long time predicted "Content Consortium" being supported by global Ads "reach" (to users from every corner of the world) is no less a capability, IMHO.

And I do see Microsoft's Bing getting the 'lion's share' of that all important site search with a majority, in time to come. (An ACAP enforcement, will then assist in the assurances of a 'captive' audience being achieved, for news) - Yahoo's own YPN (and a network of 850 odd US based newspapers), will soon get to be within the Microsoft AdECN publisher Exchange's available content (billions of impressions), site offerings, is my opinion.

There are (already) "signs" of a Microsoft-Hearst newspaper "model" (?) being quietly assembled. (I do believe) 

I've recently seen this Ad being served (powered) by Microsoft's Atlas under the (re-direction) 'guise' of yet another Microsoft acquisition (of some time back), in a UK Co called, Accipiter.


[ ("Midland Daily News") is a domain controlled by four nameservers at All of them are on different IP networks. Incoming mail for is handled by four mailservers. All of them are on the same IP network.]

[Midland Daily News - Hearst Corporation]

Accipiter ( Is described as a 'unified platform' for online advertising. Includes ad server, ad marketplace management and behavioral targeting.

Products: VIBE - With Accipiter's behavioral targeting solution, VIBE (Visitor Interest Behavioral Engine), publishers can extend premium or sold-out ad inventory, decrease unsold impressions by targeting visitors interested in the most valuable content, and allow the site to be sold by behavioral segment and not page.- [back to Products]

There has been 'little' activity for quite some time, too.

Yet, this site "defaults" to Microsoft's Atlas Solution's who I maintain, (that Atlas) had combined with RAPT (and, is another Co, that was also acquired by Microsoft) to have built the only independent (Looksmart's) AdCenter "inter-connector" at the scale required to bring it all together, in time..

A 'central' management to provide a fully transparent, "neutral" to all (and, that neccessary)  "inter-operability" between global Exchanges that (themselves), are representing all 'players' from both the "buy-sell" sides.

I continue to post, that.....

<...............I strongly believe that a coroboration between Microsoft (who bought Co's like aQuantive, FAST Search and RAPT, a technology Co) with Newscorp (who had provided some 200 myspace Engineers) then went about 'building' the Looksmart AdCenter to the stage it's at today. (And were all located within the very Looksmart building at 625 Second Street San Francisco, where RAPT were tenants on the 1st floor. Along with the myspace engineers, who were 'parked' just one floor above Looksmart.)  GOOGLE - It's all Down Hill from here>

Looksmart (again) closed down today, without a "friend" in the market, it would seem? But with proven accumulation by insiders, I'm not so sure of that, being the case.

Can you believe the Co has $27.2M 'cash' & a Market Cap of just $15.76M?

LOOK: $0.92  Down 0.02 (-2.13%)



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