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Happy Birthday Yahoo! - Here's a Tip to help Ms. Bartz celebrate

Yahoo can only go forward from here. The 'message' is from within a NY Times 'Bits' (Blog) birthday interview [A Yahoo Birthday Party With Carol Bartz] where Ms. Bartz said Yahoo would likely acquire some companies this year as it furthers its push into content and advertising.

Ms. Bartz (also) said she expected that Yahoo’s recent loss of market share in search would get to end soon as Yahoo focuses anew on making search prominent in all its properties. “Search revenue will grow this quarter,” she said.

But it was the Yahoo! CEO's appearance on the CNBC's Power Lunch today [Yahoo's Bartz: Company Would 'Absolutely' Entertain Buyout Offers‎] that got me thinking. (Isn't she so charming? - yes,she is!). Certainly when Ms. Bartz spoke so boldly about the 600 million users that Yahoo! do happen to have.

Here's a "tip" and a means of further capitalising on this luxury by extending the very 'social aspect' within many of those sites that Yahoo! users visit regularly.

Yahoo! should carefully consider doing a shared revenues deal with Google and permit the posting of videos from Google's YouTube to some of those social sites. eg; By allowing the embedding of video clips from YouTube to be played from posts made at (say) Yahoo Finance (as an example), it will then get to enhance the user 'visit' to such a site. 

(When discussing a Co as being a likely "takover target" in recent times, Australia's own Sea Biscuit and a "people's champion" video came to mind, to post. - -Yahoo! Finance doesn't support a link. (Sadly ...sob ..It's enough to 'excite' any investor or, animal lover. Especially the ones that go fast! - And to see them race 'live' with someone as nice as Ms.Bartz on your arm is even better, too!)

They'll (Yahoo users) stay a lot longer and get to enjoy their regular visit much more by a slow morphing into that increasingly popular 'social aspect', that such a move can bring. OPEN Ads can so easily be both targeted and accounted for by a 'neutral' (and independent) "inter-connector" such as is (I feel) already envisaged (and a long-held belief, by this writer), within a growing global advertiser-publisher marketplace. All video sites (in fact - a means to an end) should be 'co-peting' along these very same lines.

The ubiquitousness of both web content (and when combined with some  supporting "shared-revenues" geo-d and or, behavioural type Ads), would then seem such a 'natural' revenue share that would surely prove to be a "win-win" for all concerned. Most of all in the above case, Yahoo! users.

"Use it or, lose it"?


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so.