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The Global Ad/Pub marketplace being built - A 'click at a time'

Being incorrect as to when (what appears to be so), Looksmart get to Report it's Q4 2009 Revenues earnings etc, is no big deal. 

I had boldly stated it would be on this coming Thursday, the 11th of March. I had expected an official advice from the Co, after the market close today.

In my previous instablog it was pointed out that shareholder Tex (texas16qld) had said in a post on the Yahoo Finance LOOK board that Looksmart had told him in an E Mail, that they'd probably Report on 11th of March. And that this was the date that I had previously selected.

Looksmart has a 3 month (daily) average number of shares traded figure of 94,678 and in the past five days have traded just 5200, 4400, 3400, 4800 and 3080 today, respectively. Many of those include Market Maker (what I refer to as) "pairs" (a sell and cover), in their (so called) effort, in creating a market for the trading of shares.

[Re: Nasdaq MM "dumps" 100 shares...] - For myself, it's so hard to hide my disgust in this practice.-[Nasdaq MM "dumps" 100 shares...]

Generally speaking though (in recent times) Market Makers have clearly driven down the share price value in trying to "ring it's neck" in the accumulation of shares. The increased holdings of some major holders, clearly support this.

Whilst there appears to be a 'cloud of secrecy' in what (I believe) the Co are indeed "up to", over on the Co's blog life goes on very much [More »], as normal.

And here on what appears to be another interesting blog site in [] comes [An Exclusive Interview with Allen Hammock of]. - Nothing too special about this "PR" type offering was noted except, that the Greg Meyers owned blog is "officially" sponsored by Acquisio.

This is a Co
that was featured so heavily in my notes, in my previous lengthy Instablog. ( Acquisio advise that they help to automate PPC management across all major platforms and that their suite of solutions they say "empowers over 300 interactive agencies around the world". - WOW !! Talk about a coincidence)  

I make no secret in my strong belief that the Looksmart AdCenter (with it's private labeled API for both advertisers & publishers) can get to provide a (the) required "inter-operability" for an eventual OPEN RTB (real time bids) marketplace.
One that's to get a heavy "involvement" for both the Yahoo's Right Media Exchange (for advertisers) and Microsoft's own AdECN Exchange for publishers. Time will tell, as usual. (And, Omniture I believe, has just about announced their "uniform" analytics for such, in the past few days)

The following hilights the "cloak and dagger" (or, 'ducks and drakes') that is constantly surrounding the Co, in recent times. An ordinary enough AdCenter partner in is announced. (Owned by Ybrant Digital)

[ MediosOne and AD2 Networks join the LookSmart AdCenter Marketplace as Premier Partners - 02/04/08]

Now "traffic" to this site (and, according to, is all pretty innocent.

Percent of global Internet users who visit

  Reach Change
Yesterday - - We do not have enough data to display this metric for this site.
7 day - - We do not have enough data to display this metric for this site.
1 month 0.0007 +0.6%  
3 month 0.00063 +30%

And a Traffic Rank in India, of 22,037

Nothing (at all) to get too excited about any of that.

From the HunduBusinessLine (India) the above LookSmark AdCenter partner's Jacob Nizri ( - Ybrant Technologies President, Display Ad Networks), says:

< "We are witnessing dramatic trends in Internet advertising. - What's hot are the social ads. - The perfect “foot in the door” to the young, trendy and popular world of social networking like Facebook, Twitter & blogs, they have assumed strong advertising relevance - We can zero in on the right audience at the right time and place.">

Gee, Facebook and Twitter ... That's good for LookSmart's "AdCenter", no?

And he says, that:

< Internet advertising has picked up since end-2009 and the beginning of 2010, reaching literally hundreds of millions of new customers each month. Online sales, according to Paypal, were up 34 per cent in 2009 over the previous year.>

< Internet advertising is a multimillion-dollar industry, and it's fast rising in popularity because this new medium has brought advertising to a whole new level of involvement and interactivity.>

But wait ....Here's the "clanger".

Take a look at this real "eye-openner" account, here: (Then check that web address string. - "Global Internet Ad Network" - And yes, it is one)

< The company has publishers in most regions of the world covering over 35 content channels. The company’s offices in the USA, Columbia, and India give it a local presence & native understanding of the markets the company operates in.>

< It targets users locally by using advanced geo-targeting technology to reach users in their native language.

Their advanced technology allows them to reach users by overlaying multiple demographic variables such as users that speak Hindi, live in New York, female, and are between 18-24 years of age.>

But just who's "advanced technology" are they using? N8.

With, "traffic" shown coming & going from this Ybrant Technologies ' site is a completely different 'kettle of fish'.....

Trailing 7 days Trailing 1 month Trailing 3 months Trailing 6 months Max

It certainly is. -

Check the "traffic" Rankings in the many countries it recieves traffic from.

The amount of "trick-shot" sites and number of "re-directions" being used in the "construction" of this global marketplace is truly amazing.

Yes .....Jacob Nizri (Looksmart AdCenter partner in - Ybrant Technologies and President, Display Ad Networks), tells us:

##..< We are witnessing dramatic trends in Internet advertising.> ..##

And "blind freddy" can see (or, should be able to as has been pointed out), as to why this is so.

Everyone is "having a picnic" other than Looksmart? The Co keeps reporting depressed revenues, tells of NO new partners, talks in 'poor man's language' and the market is none the wiser. The Co trades with a Market Cap that's some $10M lower than it has stated it has in "cash". Options are issued down at these depressed levels. Insiders continue to increase their holdings.

And Agencies?

< WPP has pledged that the new media services will make up two-thirds of its revenues in “three or four years” and that ..The company reported a 16 percent increase in revenues to £8.6 billion ($13 billion) for the year to December 31, in today’s earnings report.

New media sales accounted for 27 percent of the advertising and marketing group’s revenues, or $3.6 billion.>

< This is already a big step: to compare, one competitor, Havas, [who] last month said that digital accounts for 16 percent of its revenues [and is expected] to account for one-fifth of its revenues by the end of 2010.>


Anyone not understanding that the LookSmart (global) 'open' marketplace will be getting it's own "share" of some of this (in time), is a fool. In my opinion.

LOOK: At 3:53PM ET: $0.96 Down 0.01 (-1.03%)


ps; The "games people play" borders on criminal is (again) my opinion, of course.

Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so.