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WebProNews - Yahoo on Coming Changes to Ad Platform

A 'one fits all' (universal) set of Analytics in a coming global marketplace (is/was, what I have believed) has now almost, clearly surfaced. 

The WebProNews article today kind of helps confirm my own (and, long held) thoughts, and as was mentioned within my Instablog post of only a few days back:  

[Omniture 'standardising' Analytics - 'Line in the sand' clearly drawn].

WebProNews - "Yahoo on Coming Changes to Ad Platform"  - (an article on the Yahoo - Microsoft deal - & talking with Yahoo's David Pann, Yahoo’s Vice President of Search Advertising)  does kind of indirectly support my view in their own pronouncement.

They make it clear that the online marketplace will definitely see many changes in the coming months as Yahoo and Microsoft implement their search agreement.

Omniture had also recently announced a (current) full set of partnerships that included: Eyeblaster, DoubleClick for Advertisers, Microsoft Atlas, APT from Yahoo! PointRoll, Mediaplex, Adform, EyeWonder & D. A. Consortium. Publisher or, inventory suppliers named, include Rubicon Project, WPP Group's 24/7 Real Media, FOX Audience Network, Tribal Fusion, Traffic Marketplace and Collective involved.

Facebook (itself) has a 'foot in both camps' with it's own Network involvement told of in separate announcements that include the fact that Facebook ad data will be added to Omniture's SearchCenter. (Plus even, a 'sell side' (?) marketing dashboard. According to yet another report)

That Microsoft and Yahoo were always going to be involved elsewhere (with an "across the board", third party analytics) and certainly at a much larger scale  was almost telegraphed when Microsoft (itself) had closed it's own adCenter analytics, end of December, 2009.

This should be possibly clearer to see now with WebProNews telling us in today's article, that ..........

< The advertisers that use Yahoo’s ad platform will soon be migrating to..
Microsoft’s adCenter-The full transfer is anticipated to take place over the next 24 months and will begin in the U.S. >

Whilst speaking moreso of their own 'get-together' with WebProNews (and, he could well have been talking of a global marketplace), when Yahoo's Pann said:

“It’s really a win for advertisers with a single buy getting access to more inventory, it’s a win for consumers for a greater relevance, and it’s a win for consumers and publishers since they have greater access to a new set of participation and inventory." 

In the meantime, 'the $64 question' still remains ....How do they all get to eventually, fairly "inter-operate" with each other, at global scale?  Who does get to administer ('transact' and or, 'watch-over') that 'trusted' set of analytics, on behalf of them all? Both the sell and buy sides?



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