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Mr Murdoch in Abu Dhabi ... “if a wind blows, ride it.”


At the opening speech of the first Abu Dhabi Media Summit, Rupert Murdoch is exhorting Arab nations to open up and let creative talents flow.
< “if a wind blows, ride it.” As I speak, there is a powerful wind blowing through this region. This wind is the creative energies of your people, who are aching to make their own mark on the world around them.>
Meanwhile (and from in the above linked story) ... More, of the very "same" that I have been "trumpeting" for the past 3 to 4 years or, more:
"Murdoch On Transparency"
Also from the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, Rupert Murdoch kicked things off with a keynote address urging the Arab TV media community to open up.
His exhortations ironically echo digital's promise:
"A more transparent advertising market means having effective tools to measure who and what people are watching.
Advertisers and creators need metrics that tell them who they are reaching and how effective their message is - or else they are simply throwing money in the dark.
A more transparent advertising market will also encourage media buyers and sellers to compete for business." 

What's even more exciting (in this emerging marketplace) is today's news that more than $100 billion will be spent within the region with ambitions of becoming a global media hub:

From a WSJ (paid article), preview.


DUBAI—World media leaders, facing falling revenues in crucial markets like the U.S. and Europe, will gather in Abu Dhabi this week, hoping to tap the oil-rich emirate's ambitions of becoming a global media hub.

The United Arab Emirates' capital, which plans to spend more than $100 billion to diversify its largely oil-reliant economy, will host the inaugural Abu Dhabi Media Summit from Tuesday evening.

Industry giants such as Google Inc., Warner Brothers and Publicis Groupe have all signed up to debate how they can explore media opportunities in new growth markets.


Within the WSJ article ["Media Giants Converge on Abu Dhabi"] .....

< Fox International Channels said it was moving the Middle East operations of its global online ad network to Abu Dhabi and setting up an office here..>

Back in November (last year) I had felt, that the Yahoo - Maktoob deal is enormous ....