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Digital Marketers/Publishers Know It All?

....."Leveraging intent based keyword data in display will continue to grow and evolve. Much like site retargeting, there is little doubt that the adoption of search retargeting will lead to more companies viewing this display channel as a line item in their marketing budget."

Is part of an excellent article from James Moore - - the Chief Revenue Officer for @ Search Engine Land.[How To Combine Search Retargeting & Keyword Contextual Targeting To Reach More In Market Searchers]

It's an article that has attracted just the ONE comment only and from 'you know who'.Doesn't this send a clear message to the industry?

A message that those many hundreds of thousands employed globally ('the industry') must surely consider themselves as 'knowing it all'?

Or, is it that people have almost, basically been 'de-programmed' to even ask a question to learn more, these days? ... Is it considered that there's no need for others in the industry to comment on the article as support in 'getting the message out there'?

My worst case scenario 'take' on it may be even, closer to the money - in that there's a whole industry (community) out there, who are completely 'blind' to what's going on. And that there's a need to take a serious look at the chosen road that this is all on.

Always, just an opinion.


ps; Sam Harris on "Free Will" -