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Facebook - RTB - And Winning That 'Set Of Steak Knives'

in an article today, we're told that Jim Spanfeller who left to create the Spanfeller Media Group, a content network that includes foodie site The Daily Meal and, more recently,a sporting enthusiast site The Active Times - Jim Spanfeller (we are told) is also pretty well-known for his strong view that publishers have mistakenly tended to outsource much of their ad sales to ad networks at the risk of devaluing their premium direct sales.

To me, Jim typifies just where publishers and a lot of their representation are at in relation to RTB and the future that's already 'now' -- and that there should be no doubt it's one that has very exciting days ahead.

On RTB, Jim Spanfeller says:

"I'm not suggesting that it's not worth thinking about or working on. But the level of importance that it's being given now is ridiculous, at least as it's currently practiced. - Maybe we find some new targeting mechanisms or algorithms that really make this stuff sing."

I'd suggest to Jim there's more than a lot of 'humming' that's already going on, that he may just not quite be in hearing range of, just yet?

In another article read today (Ben Elowitz, CEO, Wetpaint) points out that Content Is No Longer King. - Ben (himself) makes it pretty clear that 'content is no longer enough. Content has always been a means to an end. And the end has always been audience.'

Ben Elowitz says that.... "Content isn't the goal. Audience is."

Jim on the other hand points out ... "One of the things about this is you want to offer specialized things. We have special reports. .. We have one about cutting‑edge chefs in restaurants coming out, that's sponsored by Wusthof knives."

Jim may expose Wusthof Knives to many visiting 'epicurean‑oriented key influentials with higher than norm household incomes', that get to read that feature, but I wonder just how many of them will Jim have known of prior to their visit, who were actually 'in market' to buy a new set of steak-knives?

In the meantime (while I'm reading the link to Jim's The Daily Meal site as provided in the article by adexchanger and am looking over it), I noted an alert on my Facebook page that is open.

When checking it, I was fronted with 'news' of a 'local' Masterchef show set down for tomorrow night, here on Australian TV.



Marion Grasby

Hey guys, tomorrow night I'm hosting a special 'Masterchef: Where Are They Now' episode. So nervous about my first host...


Perhaps this is an example (of adexchanger data - along with some nifty RT bidded Facebook audience targeting in a global market), of the exact new targeting mechanisms kind, that Jim had made mention of?

I had no intention (at all) of watching this show - yet I just may do so, now. ..... As they might happen to be giving out 'sets of steak knives' in a Masterchef audience participation, viewer promo!

Always, only an opinion.


Yet another example of Yahoo! CENSORSHIP. Folkz...

I've posted a preview to this instapost to Yahoo just now, but you try and find my story! (A set of steak knives if you do! - How sad!)

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