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Looksmart - The 'unnoticed' 800-pound gorilla in the room?

Tod M. Sacerdoti (the CEO and co-founder of BrightRoll) tells of a story that I strongly feel is now about to 'unfold' so well. [Why Online Ad Categories Are Won By New Entrants – GigaOM].

In spite of Looksmart almost being a despised Co and hardly qualifying for that "new entrant" tag, that I have been warning of the Co being the 800-pound gorilla in the room for many years now, has meant so little to so many.

Looksmart has allowed itself to have been "re-shaped" with innovation over the past number of years and are about to reap the benefits for many years to come.

In this excellent article, Tod M. Sacerdoti talks of his understanding, that ...

....."On an innovation front, the classic innovator’s dilemma is unusually powerful in new ad categories because incumbents are hampered by legacy business models and technology infrastructure developed during a prior market development phase."

[ News Corp Looking To Sell Fox Audience Network, But How... ]

"The next generation of online ad categories is already repeating history. The key for investors and entrepreneurs is to identify which areas are going to be categories, not features, and get involved with them early."

I urge all that follow this blog to read the article and learn to understand just that much more.

But (as usual), it's all just an opinion.

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