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Talk about China and CENSORSHIP !!

Congress can talk 'to the cows come home' about China and Censorship. The fact is Folks, Yahoo Finance "CENSOR" posts daily on the Looksmart (LOOK) board.

And ...

The Congressional Executive Commission on China hopes to ascertain whether China’s regulation of the Internet is both a human rights as well as a trade issue.

"We believe internet freedom must become a major point of our foreign policy", sais Davidson. "The free flow of information should be an important goal of diplomacy, of foreign assistance, and our engagement on human rights." 

How hypocritical?

Lots of Posts being removed daily

Unbelievable Folks!!

Do you reckon we aren't "on the money" here?

Talk about China and CENSORSHIP !!

Re: Lots of Posts being removed daily


##.. Talk about China and CENSORSHIP !!..##

Shareholders sure are being 'kept in the dark' here on this board.

What happened to the posts about AdNetworks, Exchanges and that for every "single" transaction we then, would see:

Just the ...

"three direct intermediaries at most: (1) buyer's agent, (2) seller's agent and (3) marketplace.

(And, with all supported by various technology and data providers, who will not themselves be intermediaries.)"

[Welcome to Looksmart's (global) AdCenter marketplace, Folks!!]

Sorry!! You are NOT supposed to learn of ANY of this. It has to be CENSORED !!

How hypocritical a society it is that we live in today. And how GREEDY it has become.

Shouldn't we (the Western-civilised world?) be cleaning up our "own" back-yards 1st?