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Tiger Wood's loss (Accenture) may prove a gain for Looksmart?


Tiger Wood's loss may just prove to be a Looksmart shareholder's gain. For if there is a "third" (real) contender for a 'buy-in' into Looksmart you must surely include Accenture. Both can and would then (going forward), get to operate at 'arms length'.
Part of their "About us" information includes the advice that Accenture collaborates with clients to help them become high-performance businesses and governments. With more than 186,000 people in 49 countries, the company generated net revenues of US$23.39 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2008. Its home page is

I've stated the "case" for both Microsoft and Newscorp. The latter moving into a strong favourite's position in my 'market' after the news - [News Corp Looking To Sell Fox Audience Network, But How? | paidContent]
Accenture are well 'in the picture' though. Their recent article on the Interactive site clearly says that they have more that just a cursory interest in the success of Display Advertising on a Global Scale.
About Accenture Interactive - Accenture Interactive helps clients achieve high performance in digital marketing, marketing analytics, and media management.

...The Tech site [Sigalon's IT Soup] reports that Accenture has joined an Intel $2.5 billion “Invest in America Alliance” and tells us that it's second objective is to create 10,500 new jobs for college graduates in the next year.

The article tells of  '17 companies have joined Intel in this goal, including Accenture, Adobe, Autodesk, Broadcom, CDW, Cisco, Dell, eBay, EMC, GE, Google, HP, Liberty Mutual, Marvell Semiconductor, Microsoft, and Yahoo.- (The new alliance is a recognition of two things: that the U.S. is in fact losing its once-dominant technology edge, and that something has to be done to reverse that trend.')
Accenture and Cisco are moving closer together. [Accenture Japan, Cisco Systems step up collaboration in Japan ...] - And Looksmart have their own deal with Cisco. And it's one that Looksmart (as was explained in the recent CC, following the Q4 2009 report) have found much more prudent to pay the $1.1M cost 'up front', rather than go down the 'lease' road. They have done this already during this Q1 2010 period, as they advised.
[< "Looksmart and Cisco Systems Capital Corporation entered into an agreement to lease equipment whereby the company will lease from Cisco certain hardware, software and maintenance services.

The hardware and software will be used in the Co’s new data center being relocated to facilities maintained by RagingWire Enterprise Solutions Inc."> ]
In regards to Analytics Adobe (who have just acquired Omniture) would make a wonderful 'co-competitor' in any 'combining' of technologies in a new advertising - publisher's global marketplace, that's evolving.
Accenture (itself) had acquired 'Memetrics that is reported to have developed a world-class, patented system for testing and optimizing digital online and direct marketing campaigns for business clients and their agencies. Its clients include American Express, eBay, ING-Direct, Telstra, and Verizon, among many others'
Recently departed CEO and President (of Looksmart - and, foundation IAB Board member) Ted West had (also) once served as a director for Memetrics (a global provider of testing and optimization solutions for marketers and located in San Francisco), from January 2006 until the company was [then] sold to Accenture in January 2008
<...........January 2008: Looksmart's ex. CEO Ted West [shown in the Link as the Sage partner's Managing Director San Francisco] and the leadership team are proud to announce the company’s acquisition by Accenture, LLP. - Yes, Memetrics.>  
Accenture is also said to have bought Maxamine and it was suggested.. 'to keep them out of Omniture's hands', in fact. The blogger also mentions that Omniture had bought Offermatica in reply, so it's clear there is 'much' that can be merged IF any 'united' effort, was to be.

In my own Instablog Omniture 'standardising' Analytics - 'Line in the sand' clearly drawn I had pointed out that Looksmart (in particular), are working closely with Omniture. 
There's a few more 'twists and turns' that enter the Accenture - Looksmart equation, possibility. Accenture has completed yet another collaboration of late. [ Accenture, SAS team up on predictive analytics]
Now Looksmart's largest investor (who has been shown to have increased his holding by another 400,000 shares as @ 31st of December - UP to 1.62M or, so shares now held), is such an interesting person.
Kevin C. Howe
DG FastChannel, Incorporated
Irving , TX
Sector: SERVICES / Business Services
60 Years Old
Kevin C. Howe has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Company since February 2001. Since 1999, he has been the Managing Partner of Mercury Ventures.

Mercury Ventures manages seven different funds that invest in emerging technology companies that focus on Internet applications.
Mr. Howe served on the board of The Sage Group, plc. which is traded on the London Stock Exchange from 1991 to 2005. The Sage Group, plc. had a market capitalization of over $7 billion.

He was Chief Executive Officer of the US operations of The Sage Group, plc. responsible for operations and acquisitions until 1999.
At one stage I had Sage and Accenture 'as one' but that's unfounded. They both get an (unrelated) mention in deals made in the tech fields, here: - Like Accenture, the Sage Group website does show it to be a huge Co with influence.

Only thoughts. DYOR as always.

ps; How 'ironic' would it be if recently 'sacked' Ted West was to come back as the 'new' CEO under a SAGE 'buy-in'? Ha!

pps; In relation to the Looksmart - Cisco "deal", Looksmart clearly state that:

<As previously announced on December 14, 2009, LookSmart, Ltd. (the "Company") and Cisco Systems Capital Corporation ("Cisco") entered into an Agreement to Lease Equipment whereby the Company would lease from Cisco certain hardware, software and maintenance services (the "Lease Agreement") for a total of approximately $1.1 million. The Company has decided to cancel this agreement and pay the vendor directly, and Cisco has agreed to this cancellation at no additional cost to the Company. The cancellation of the Lease Agreement shall be effective as of March 18, 2010.>

LOOKSMART LTD Files SEC form 8-K, Termination of a Material Definitive Agreement  - EDGAR Online (Thu, Mar 18)

Yet, this is typical, as to how it's being reported.


BRIEF-LookSmart cancels agreement to lease equipment with Cisco Systems Capital

6 days ago -- Interactive Investor

BRIEF-LookSmart cancels agreement to lease equipment with Cisco Systems Capital Corp March 18 (Reuters) - LookSmart Ltd: SAYS CANCELLED AGREEMENT TO LEASE EQUIPMENT WITH CISCO SYSTEMS CAPITAL Corp - SEC filing SAYS CISCO HAS AGREED TO THIS CANCELLATION AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO THE company SAYS ... Read More

 I had wondered as to why they have (and, once again Looksmart) "over-killed" what was the original (simple) announcement (and that they maybe were trying to "hide" something) and then to have had "confusion" reign (spread confusion?), when it appeared (on the surface) to be no big deal at all. A simple 'cost saving' measure.

And the "Company stooge" (Mikey) was just too quick with this one:
(Sack him!!)
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Why did they cancel the Cisco servers? What happen ed?
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So (it made me think), perhaps there IS more to it? From the Q3 - Form 10-Q

LOOKSMART LTD - FORM 10-Q - November 3, 2009
We have an agreement with Savvis Communications, Inc. to house equipment for web.. LookSmart, Ltd. - Amended and Restated Change of Control/Severance

(Without reading it, what's that about "change of control/severance"?)

Cisco also has to assure potential buyers that Unified Computing is not a whim. "It takes a long time to switch," the IT manager said."Most IT shops will at least look at it [the new server] but it takes two to three years for big companies to evaluate these things."

Test-driving the Unified Computing System
Bryan Doerr, the CTO of Savvis Inc., which provides Infrastructure as a Service, has beta-tested the system for about three weeks and is pleased so far.

Cisco's networking focus distinguishes it from other hardware players, he said. "Rather than having server nodes with network connections, Cisco has … worked through networking issues that arise with virtualization, so the platform is designed to better support VMs [virtual machines]," Doerr said. "They embedded control features so as you move servers you can allocate bandwidth granularly. You have more bandwidth but also more finesse with it."

Doerr runs Red Hat, Linux and Windows Server 2003 and 2008 operating systems with VMware VMs using Intel Nehalem processors, which have yet to be released. Since Savvis hosts applications for multiple customers, Doerr is testing the system's ability to scale and how well the networking features support multiple, segregated customers.

So far Savvis has performed only basic commands and is running VMware VMs on the system. "We should see a significant impact on the VM capacity, and estimate 50% to 100% more room for VMs compared to traditional x86 systems," he said.

Doerr likes the system features and interface but more generally views the Unified Computing approach as a "good step, in that vendors are now exploring nontraditional platforms."

Others blazed Unified Computing trail
While Cisco CEO John Chambers and others position this Unified Computing architecture as a building block for the cloudy data center of the future because it links resources together, others have made similar plays. Some observers say the offering will do much of what Egenera Inc.'s BladeFrame servers, software and infrastructure orchestration have done for several years now.


Like Cisco's new system, Egenera's Processor Area Network (PAN) Manager pools physical and virtual resources into a blade platform. The company now works with OEMs to integrate PAN Manager software onto additional hardware platforms, including Dell PowerEdge M600 servers.

At its event Monday, Cisco trotted out a bevy of partners including Intel, Microsoft, VMware, BMC Software and EMC to bless its plans. Server partners like Dell and HP were conspicuous in their absence, although both issued comments beforehand.

The New York-based IT manager said Cisco's move will have a big impact on server partners especially HP, which is strong in large accounts, and on Dell, which has gained traction at the low end.


Accenture/Cisco deal.

< Accenture Japan, Cisco Systems step up collaboration in Japan

Saturday 02nd January, 03:51 AM JST


Accenture Japan and Cisco Systems have extended the scope of their strategic alliance by expanding a virtual group to include a team focused on the Japanese market.

The Accenture & Cisco Business Group will provide customers with design, configuration and operation services that integrate unified communications and collaboration tools into multiple applications across companies’ information technology infrastructures.

The virtual group will target customers in all sectors, ranging from communications, manufacturing, health care, financial services, and resources and energy to government and social infrastructure. The services focus on data center, infrastructure and network, unified communications, and collaboration and customer contact transformation services.

The virtual group will provide consulting services for data center optimization that support ERP platforms and cloud computing. The services are based on the Cisco Unified Computing System.

Don't forget: January 27, 2010 - Expansion into E-Commerce Business in China under a JV between Rakuten and Baidu

And (howz this for a translation?) "The deployment of the UCS, Intel and Accenture, BMC, EMC, Microsoft, VMware, RedHat, SAP, Oracle, Unisys, NetApp, Novel has been involved as a partner and global scale, expand cooperation with the Japanese subsidiary companies in the country do." 

Howz this for "take-up"?

Howz Google?

HMm? There doesn't appear to be any reference to Savvis on this page now?