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"SPIN" - Rio Tinto turns to Henry Kissinger over China ties …

The headline of [Rio Tinto turns to Kissinger over China ties-report] may well have read, "over China Lies"? For this headline and indeed, many an article written these days is mostly (only) about the "spin" that the author of the story may choose to imply. 

And I was amused if not surprised by the [Tony Delroy] stated figures, of more than 2/3rds of Australian University graduates that are now going on to get themselves Public Relations type jobs rather than to go on, into their qualified field of journalism. "Spin" is (or, has now become) normal practice in today's world. Doesn't "ethics" ever come into it?

[Find a link and hear a discussion on today's  "Business Ethics" in the excellent Podcast, down below.]

In a post on Yahoo I feel I have hilighted the above pretty clearly.

ORANGE in 'low key' Exchange deal for Europe

A 'follow-up' post went like this:

##...Microsoft has given it's 'non Premium' publisher base over to OpenX to manage...##

No mention of that line now. The "deal"?

You have got to laugh ... The 1st line link within that story [Today "Microsoft announced an alliance with OpenX", the], describes OpenX as follows:

<REDMOND, Wash., and PASADENA, Calif. — Nov. 2, 2009 — OpenX Technologies Inc. (OpenX), the world’s leading independent ad server for Web publishers, today announced it has entered into a partnership with Microsoft Corp.>

Yet, the "Orange" deal announcement (of OpenX), says that it's just a display ad management 'start-up' ...??

Unbelievable, they are!!!

Business Ethics

March 31, 2010

Recent events involving Australians doing business in China have certainly provoked some deep and meaningful discussions throughout the corporate community about reponsible business practice and ethics.

Rosemary Sainty and Matthew Tukaki join Tony Delroy in the Nightlife studio to talk about the business of implementing responsible practices.

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