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Understanding the scale of Looksmart's Adcenter is the "Key"

It was pointed out in a post on yahoo that Looksmart ONLY deal in the US and Canada and that International revenues only account for 3% of total revenues. And (from Looksmart's Report), this would appear, correctly so...

Yet, within an Instablog from August last year the following was posted:

 [To all search industry experts .....]

Does it mean anything (at all) to any of these industry "experts", that Looksmart's AdCenter (and, housed at now (and, according to Alexa) recieves some 37.5% of it's total user traffic from Countries other that the US (49%), the UK (6.3%), Australia (4.8%) and 2.4% from Canada? Probably not.

For if it did mean anything to industry "experts", they would then understand that this total of 37.5% of "new" traffic to AdCenter (Alexa) is now coming from India, China, Germany, Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, Israel and Sweden (& various other countries that make up another 9.6% of total traffic), and are ALL (now) "inter-connecting" advertisers with publishers on a 7/24 basis.

In a series of posts today (on Yahoo) I have attempted to explain my interpretation or, 'raw' understanding of what it all means.

Re: LookSmart's "open marketplace" to "grow" ex...

Re: LookSmart's "open marketplace" to "grow" ...

Re: LookSmart's "open marketplace" to "grow...

So, again, the "challenge" is there for all search industry "experts" to reply with their own interpretation and all are given the chance here now to correct any/all the misconceptions that I may have.
To maybe advise on this concern for missing "International Traffic" and all of the previous revenues Looksmart (themselves), were so glad to once report of.

LookSmart, Ltd. - International Traffic Growth Contributes 14.7 ... - International Traffic Growth Contributes 14.7 Percent of LookSmart's Revenue in Q2 2008.

And I might add, that it is clearly GROWTH (as is stated) that contributed to the 14.7% of the reported Revenues for the second quarter of 2008, that were $17.1 million, a 27% increase from $13.5 million in the second quarter of 2007..... 

Let's hope that my own 'interpretation' within the three linked Yahoo posts above can help shed a little light on this area of concern, as is shared by many.

And if I can add a 'thought' from the CEO of OpenX (and mentioned in my earlier Instablog post) and why he "Thinks that Interoperability Is Coming"....

This is a "must read" to try and learn of that ultimate need for an independent (a "middle-man") operator, 'inter-connecting' between exchanges.

When Ad Exchanges Talk to Each Other - Advertising Age - DigitalNext - Is there a way to even further improve economic efficiency by connecting exchanges to one another? It's starting to be discussed.

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