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Yahoo! closing it's Publisher Network is no real surprise

Yahoo have advised, that:

"After conducting an extensive review of the Yahoo! Publisher Network beta program, we have decided to close the program effective April 30, 2010."

And as Bill Hartzer - Vizion Interactive suggests:....

 "I am not surprised that Yahoo! has decided to shut down the Yahoo! Publisher Network program, since many things are changing over at Yahoo! because of the agreement between Yahoo! and Microsoft is now official.

I would bet, though, that since the Microsoft AdCenter ads are going to be showing up over on Yahoo! then there is going to be another contextual advertising program announced soon."

And I agree that he (Bill Hartzer) is right 'on the money' with his thoughts.

But Yahoo will not only having Microsoft (with it's Atlas Solutions), but there will be (I believe) a whole lot more (yes, many others) that will be (also) "bidding for positions" on the Yahoo! Publisher Network.

And all, coming to the Yahoo! Publisher Network via that "other" (and a much more broader) contextual advertising program to be announced soon.

"It's complicated" [ Was a fun Movie, too!]

Yahoo! is to eventually get to look after advertising on Microsoft sites and yet Microsoft (with it's adCenter and via Atlas Solutions) will be 'bidding for positions' on the Yahoo! Publisher Network. No?

So, how do they achieve that (what is a) required "separation", I wonder?

Looksmart (last Friday - in it's 10-K Annual Report - For Looksmart's AdCenter - 'All roads' (WILL soon), 'lead to Rome' ) told us that:

"LookSmart operates in a large online search advertising ecosystem serving ads that target user queries on partner sites.

We operate in the middle of this ecosystem, acquiring search queries from a variety of sources and matching them with the keywords of our search advertising customers." 

And that it's (Looksmart's private labeled) "Publisher Solutions" is about:

"Connecting multiple installations of the AdCenter for Publishers together allows LookSmart to create an open marketplace environment that empowers publishers to share, leverage, and exchange their advertisers for expanded distribution."   
Looksmart has also told the market in it's 10-Q, that:

"Our largest category of customers has been intermediaries, the majority of which purchase clicks to sell into the affiliate networks of the large search engine providers". 
Could anyone imagine that (both) Microsoft and Yahoo! would exclude themselves from being part of a 'large online advertising ecosystem'?
And I would also feel that much "testing" (of such), would surely have been required along the way?

Stay tuned Folks.


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