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Mike Nolet talks of "The Challenge of Scaling an Adserver"

Mike Nolet (CTO/Co-Founder @ AppNexus) writes such good articles that are so easily understood and his most recent is no exception.

From within ["The Challenge of Scaling an Adserver" - April 4th, 2010], he poses the vital thought (or, is it the demise?) of 'other' ad serving platforms (and it's an obvious one), that many of them will be found 'wanting', in their answer.

Mike Nolet begins with this question [virtually] to many Ad Networks and DSP (demand side platform), providers:

......."So much of our time these days is spent talking about all the new features and capabilities that people are building into their adserving platforms". Mike goes on to say: "One component often neglected in these conversations, is scalability."

The article is well worth the read. (As are so many of what he writes about.)

He talks of adserving latency & how it suddenly "sky-rockets" when put under any degree of pressure with an increase in a campaign by it's 'users' or collectively from many advertisers when they're working concurrently (as could be the case, I imagine), in a number of the adserving platforms.

A look under the bonnet of a couple of "the chosen kind" (my own 'tag') tells of a story that is becoming a lot clearer to me.

They are (mostly) all equipped with the latest in hardware, being the Netezza TwinFin architecture.

Both Mike Nolet's AppNexus and MediaMath, (to name a couple) are said to be using the Netezza® data warehouse appliance in the powering of  their real-time ad buying platforms and (in fact),....

MediaMath, describe themselves as the world's first and largest "demand side platform" (DSP), who are currently running hundreds of campaigns across 13 billion daily impressions in 23 countries around the world. And that they are "using hundreds of decisioning variables, across five real-time bidding sources and 15 biddable media sources overall">

How good it all that, I ask? Can the many others boast of the same?
< .......The Netezza-powered AppNexus real-time ad buying platform facilitates transactions between aggregators of publisher ad inventory and leading buyers of online advertising. Ads are placed based on up-to-the-moment information about what ad content, placement and timing generates the highest response and revenue. ... 

After installing the Netezza data appliance, AppNexus was able to rapidly go from processing 1.5 million requests each day to more than 400 million requests per day. The Netezza system is scalable to serve tens of billions of advertising impressions per month for AppNexus, at a rate of 30,000 per second.>

And it would seem, a whole lot more, too. For AppNexus tell us:

< With AppNexus, you get today's most advanced ad platform for real-time advertising. AppNexus is a complete infrastructure that powers performance-driven companies such as direct marketers, ad networks and demand-side platforms, and lets you build, manage and optimize your entire display advertising business.
Our founders and executives pioneered the Web's original and most successful ad exchanges, and AppNexus is the logical progression of that innovative thinking: A single-point integration to major exchanges and inventory aggregators, including Google's DoubleClick, Microsoft's AdECN, and others.> 

How good is this Netezza TwinFin Appliance
April 5th 
Netezza TwinFin Appliance Used for Data-Intensive Computing Applications
< Netezza engineers built the data warehouse appliance specifically to analyze petabytes of detailed data significantly faster than existing data warehouse options, at a much lower total cost of ownership. It stores, filters and processes terabytes of records within a single unit, analyzing only the relevant information for each query.
Netezza has placed the CPU power next to the data, allowing its appliances to speed through processes that would occupy most data warehouse systems for hours, or even days, thereby enabling dramatic increases in productivity across an organization.> 

< The combination of high-performance computing with innovative database architectural advances that Netezza has developed has the potential for orders of magnitude performance increase over traditional approaches.

Users of the high performance computing system could examine the data using analytic dashboards, innovative applications for identifying malicious activity and multi-dimensional data cubes for analyst drill down on real-world network data.

The collaboration showed that the Netezza TwinFin appliance can provide linear scalability on a complex graph analysis, using a simulated data set representing multiple years of network traffic, to discover connectivity between two systems via two intermediate connections. The largest dataset was over half a petabyte and contained more than three trillion separate network event records.>

And just some of Netezza's users? 

And where do they ultimately get their reach (or, 'separation') from (?), as in the case of MediaMath, who tell us that they....

<..are currently running hundreds of campaigns across 13 billion daily impressions in 23 countries around the world.......... And that they are "using hundreds of decisioning variables, across five real-time bidding sources and 15 biddable media sources overall".>

I've written plenty on Looksmart's $1.1 million Cisco partnership.

And I've also posted much about the scale and global "reach" of Looksmart's award winning Adcenter and a private labeled publisher partner site's geo-reach in KellySearch, is exampled.

I see Looksmart's AdCenter playing that neutral "management" or, an independent  "interconnector" role between Exchanges and the Netezza TwinFin appliance powered Ad Networks and DSP's, providing what is an essential, "Interoperability".
Interoperabilty was 1st introduced in this article. [When Ad Exchanges Talk to Each Other] by Tim Cadogan the CEO of OpenX (and I feel, is yet another private labeling of technology. Yes- there are many out there.) Tim was formerly senior VP-global advertising marketplaces at Yahoo. Tim concludes with: 

"My guess is that the importance of the topic, the breadth of technical and operational implications and the raw economic potential for buyers & sellers as good as guarantees that the interoperability theme will become an increasingly real and active area of investment and collaboration over the next few months."

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