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Privacy Advocates bring online "BT" (Behavioural targeting) to a head

I've always argued along the line & long before today [Behavioural Targeting - "Opt-in or, Opt-out"?], that ........ With RTB - real time bidding (& with or, under those "blind" auction) conditions, we 'target' users no? Or, we should be. (Instead of sites. - and that Publisher may need to quickly accept this as reality?) -Ensuring better ROI's for marketers.

Behavioural Targeting - "Opt-in or, Opt-out"? - LookingConfident ...

(it may be said & very much like beauty), is only in the 'eye of the beholder'. As with the many and varied interpretations of all the "data" being 'sold', one may not necessarily (ever) suit another's requirement.

I had also pointed out (in that above linked post), that I believe that the ongoing 'mining of that all important wealth of data' (that's offered, on users), should only be conducted on a 'free for all' basis (to do so), down in the "remnant" or, secondary marketplace.

I wrote, that:

<The mining of data is the problem, I feel. And whilst marketers are being inundated with all sorts of wonderful claims of 'rocket science' analytics those same marketers are currently - also possibly 'pushing the envelope' far to hard, at this early stage of the game. Publishers are clearly in a state of "shock-horror" and is it any wonder why?

There are [too] many "me-me" marketers who are wanting to be far more 'intrusive' and the selling of 'user data' is now a strong 'exchange' business, in itself. And what's in it for smaller publishers?>

Well, (for starters), This secondary marketplace 'thought' then helps both ends of the scale and certainly for both the large & the smaller publisher alike. - - For it immediately becomes a situation where the collection of that reliable user (for "BT") data, is keenly sought after in that secondary marketplace. Creating more bid-price action (by many more), in that remnant (& more broader) marketplace. And Premium publishers would then (also) get to benefit by healthier 'bid action', as advertisers increase their bids to get to their targeted user, on their sites. No?

In a previous InstaBlog post just the other day I had made mention of this "BT" (Behavioural targeting of ads to individual users) 'kerfuffle'.. Well, it's now coming to a head it would seem?

Adotas leads with this story on what is (no doubt) a controversial subject.

"Privacy Advocates Take Aim at RTB"

Adotas points out that the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)' has been sent a 32-page joint complaint from the CDD, U.S. PIRG and the World Privacy Forum urging the commission to investigate the threat to online consumer privacy within the real-time data-targeting auction and exchange marketplace.

< Page 23. (of the Full submission - Linked above)

The merging of outside sources of data for targeting online users is a significant new threat to consumer privacy.

Few users know such a system exists. For example, data firm Aperture, a division of Datran Media - - which pulls data from offline giants like Experian, Acxiom, and Nielsen’s Claritas to form detailed portraits of individuals on the web, and then combines that with Datran’s massive database of e-­‐mail addresses.

The difference between what Aperture is doing and others is that each cookie does represent a real consumer…” 32

Even industry lobbyists agree that “The line between merging online and offline data isn’t no-­‐man’s land anymore; it’s becoming more of a common practice.” 33>

Re; '32', I can only partly agree. Yes, it represents a consumer but in many a case where computers are shared or, borrowed (at home - family members, small offices, at a friend's place), can an advertiser (with any certainty), then be always guaranteed that it will be 'targeting' the 'desired' user for their 'product or, service'?

And '33'? - Shopper docket (card - incentive) bonus point systems (along with a 'user's' credit card purchasing information or, record) has been 'traded' offline for how long now?

Hear me. In keeping the RTB (secondary) marketplace "free" of "BT", the compromise would then be, that the use of "BT" and all it's (many and varied) analytical interpretations, could be then used (only), in a direct (or, single) buy with a/any participating site/s and, may well be a solution? With NO targeting (at all), to be enacted within that secondary (remnant) marketplace?

There is no reason why the "show" cannot now, be introduced in beta. Continue to then 'build' it, along the way. Introduce it in the above format and show all, that there is little to be concerned with. (Including the FTC). No?

As always, only some "thoughts".

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