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Yahoo! make a total fool of U.S Ambassador to Australia

Just how "un-democratic" can Yahoo! be, I ask? - Yahoo's continued removal of my posts (and that of others, making positive comment on Looksmart) 'flys in the face' of both the U.S Ambassador to Australia and The U.S. State Department.

"The Internet needs to be free" was part of the comment made by Jeff Bleich, the U.S. ambassador to Australia, to the Australian news TV program 'Q&A' only last Monday.

According to the article from the Associated Press ["US diplomat criticizes Australia's Web filter"] his stern thoughts came barely two weeks after the U.S. State Department expressed concern about the online restrictions (according to the article), which would make Australia one of the strictest Internet regulators among the world's democracies.(Quoting the AP)

And it's not that Yahoo! haven't been told.

Perhaps it will take an E Mail off to CHINA's Embassy here in Australia to advise them that Hillary Clinton (The U.S. Secretary of State), is wasting her time telling all the world of (it's) China's CENSORSHIP, when it's a daily happening on her very own 'door-step' over on Yahoo. Maybe that's my next move?

Or, do we need to go with a story on National TV here in Australia, hilighting the rather hypocritical "thoughts" (and just 'lip service'?), of both the U.S Ambassador (to Australia) this week and the U.S. State Department?

"Clinton likened online censorship by countries such as China, Vietnam and Iran to the rise of communist Europe, warning that a new "information curtain" threatened to descend on the world unless action to protect internet freedoms was taken."

Apparently not when it comes to GREED on a U.S. stock chat board Hillary, not when it comes to GREED. (Or, is it a sign of Yahoo's political persuasion?)

This same post (to the LOOK board just now), will last "hours" if it's lucky. The "message"  will go the way of all my other messages. (And it would seem [?] that the word "hypocracy" doesn't exist in today's world, apparently.)

Yahoo! make a fool of U.S Ambassador to Australia

Yahoo's LOOK board CENSORS are just doing their job, some may say? At the same time, they make complete fools of the U.S Ambassador to Australia, The U.S. State Department & Hillary Clinton, herself. (The U.S. Secretary of State).

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