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Yahoo! continue with it's CENSORSHIP of posts on Yahoo Finance boards

In spite of all that has been posted here on SeekingAlpha, the plea made by the U.S. Ambassador to Australia (who claimed on National TV in OZ, that the Internet needs to be "free"), plus the U.S. State Department's strong comment on proposed "filtering" of the Internet in Australia and Hillary Clinton's own war on CHINA's fascist-like censoring of bloggers, Yahoo! continue to remove posts on their Finance chat boards.

A swag of posted 'views' have been removed from stock boards in the past 24 hours, including other posted shareholder's "thoughts" on boards such as LOOK, VCLK, YHOO, GOOG and INUV.

[ Re: Who Would Buy LOOK

It is clear to me that any views expressed on listed Co's are only permitted provided those same 'thoughts' (or, views, as posted) are aligned with the agenda of moderators of certain boards, who it would appear are (only) 'doing their job'. Stating reasons why you are 'invested' has now become a "no-no" and (in fact) I have been TOLD in no uncertain terms (that with my posting on LOOK), I should "Keep it personal and OFF LOOK and prospective "investors" can't get hurt by your [my] ramper lies."

See my comment here:

[Mike Mora (as he states), is simply "doing his job"]

What a total disgrace!!!


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so