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For Facebook, Search Advertising Is A Next 'Logical' Step To Take.

Following up on it's IPO (for Facebook), Search Advertising is a next 'logical' step to take. Let me explain this all, just a little further...

What is too difficult to understand within the following-- info that relates to "the now" CPA/CPV marketplace that Looksmart exclusively offer to both advertisers and publishers?


Looksmart tells all:

How does it work?

At the time of the query, the ad server determines the physical location of a web site visitor using the IP address provided by the publisher. .... The ad server then uses the location information to deliver ads targeted to the users geographic location and search type.


The known global geographical location of that targeted user (& clearly, as being provided by the partner search engines & individually 'tagged') then allows for what becomes an ideal 'in market' user to be served an Ad from marketers within his/her own region and based on his/her (most recently) shown, 'user intent'.


Looksmart also advises:

Geo-Targeting is performed at the campaign level and is available for regions as large as a country or narrow as a postal code.


On April 3rd, swanson1 (Comments (12) had stated:

< a) Look, Google & Yahoo DO NOT provide 5 billion keywords daily to Looksmart - you have misunderstood the information.>

My reply suggested that he should listen to Looksmart's Benoit Vatere - who on Webmaster radio (as contained in the link below) clearly says:

".it's beyond search and attribution...[it's] how can we follow keyword search intent....." ...."we are looking at the IP...the individual user"

And at the time, when he was Asked about Size? The Vice President of the Distribution Network for LookSmart says in reply:

...."we have about 3 billion queries per day. Traffic includes explicit search (search traffic), domains traffic, E Mail 'in text' as well, close to 4000 odd publishers."

Always an opinion.



ps; Facebook has Search Advertising to come?

Jill MacEachern, the Web and Social Media Manager at Looksmart (and, who's located in the Looksmart Toronto base) makes an interesting point here. (On Facebook advertising.) It's one that kind of supports my own long held view- that there is a Facebook involvement with Looksmart, that's yet to unfold. - Facebook IPO: Not Focusing on Advertiser's

.........."Currently, Facebook has ads on the side of the web page so when users are logged into their accounts, they see ads targeted to them along the right side of the page. This is great for businesses to get right in the face of their target audience who may be pulled in by the ad, but what if their target audience isn't actually looking or interested in the product or service?

That is where the advertising system being used by Facebook is flawed.

For example [Jill suggests], with Google, users are actively searching for particular products and services and advertisers appear in those searches. .....So here you have the consumer searching for a particular product and an advertiser appearing right in front of the user."

Facebook, next?

(Looksmart - "We have signed Facebook" - AdCenter deal)

Another 'reminder', perhaps?

Yes ....

.............."Facebook currently serves banner advertising provided by the Microsoft adCenter network and also utilizes the Looksmart AdCenter enterprise technology for serving their own ads."

Disclosure: Long LOOK