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Does Yahoo's CENSORSHIP provide answers? Re; The future of RTB?

Yahoo Finance continue to CENSOR posts that relate to my InstaBlog 'thoughts' posted here at Seeking Alpha. Certainly anything remotely about Looksmart and the 'role' I believe the Co holds in the days, months and years ahead. Yesterday was no exception. All my most recent posts were DELETED. - Posts have been removed on a regular basis now and for a number of years.

In a post reply to a fellow frustrated shareholder (texas16qld) I made the point that what Yahoo are doing (their removing of my posted thoughts),  flies directly in the face of The U.S. State Department, The U. S. Secretary of State (Hillary Clinton) & the U.S. Ambassador to Australia who have ALL recently so strongly maintained, that the Internet needs to always remain FREE for 'thoughts' to be expressed by ALL, no?

I then asked Tex, separate to my initial [Re: Time for a break-out higher I think?] post to him, WHY he thought Yahoo are constantly CENSORING my posts?

No answer has come back from Tex, as yet. 

From my Instablog [Click Forensics the "key" to Looksmart's "INTER-OPERABILITY" Role ...] and on the subject of standardising analytics (plus the so obvious need for a level playing field in the Advertising 'buy-sell' marketplace), I had posed the thought:

##......... It's a simple matter of achieving a certain uniformity or, that need for (an across the board) 'compatibilty' for buyers & sellers and for them to all, then get to be able to [cost] compare 'apples with apples' (re; both impressions and clicks), across the total secondary marketplace, I would imagine?.......##

A clever person is Darren Herman [About Me] who even makes a very similar kind of 'thought' in his article, "To RTB or Not RTB, That is the Question"

He writes:

< "Unless the algorithms and the “view” of real-time inventory is exactly the same, no two RTB platforms will perform exactly the same.">

This is a good article that invites many interesting comments to get you thinking. Many, that have helped me understand (I think?) just that little more, of what the future of RTB is or, what lies ahead. And especially for those involved - in what I am seeing as the Looksmart, global advertising marketplace.

"bokelley" (who is with a major 'player' in AppNexus) simplifies it all and a whole lot more in his reply (I feel), when he says:

< We all exist in an Internet world where we don't ask the question... "can I get there from here". Can you imagine if there were three or four private networks (AOL, Compuserve, Prodigy), each of which were closed to each other-you couldn't even email somebody on a different network? 20 years ago, that was the state of the world. Think of all the innovation that we've seen on THE internet. - - RTB turns a bunch of disparate display networks (AOL, MSN, Yahoo) into THE display network.>

BUT, how is this so? How can it be done without an independently operated, fully transparent "inter-connector" that can provide the "inter-operability" between the buy and sell sides? (The number of DSP's, plenty of Agencies, plus the potential of millions upon millions of publishers from all over the web, with many as mentioned accessing that bunch of disparate display networks - as described above by Darren Herman.)

And mostly all, then coming in through (or, being connect together by) respective advertiser or, publisher orientated Exchanges? - Won't those same Exchanges have a need to be able to 'talk to each other? - At the same time, won't they all then have a need to be, 'neutral-ised' in their doing so? 

THE display network is THE very marketplace (& that "one stop shop" global meet-up place for both buyers & sellers), that I am of the strong belief Looksmart (with a lot of help from a couple of very 'strong' friends) are pain-stakingly going about building, in stages.

And its very much a 'stage by stage' (global) operation with making connections, lots of testing, the 'mixing and matching' of all involved in further tests, etc...all a 'step at a time', is what I am seeing.

The comment I feel (in the above linked article - and by dannyflamberg), just about 'sums up' exactly where I feel most are in regards to the global marketplace (or, in Darren Herman's own words, "THE display network"), that is now starting to evolve, that much quicker

<The debate turns on the value of real-time buying. What do I win or lose in the moment? Are their incredible opportunities or amazing efficiencies that compel me to act in real time? Can any network convince me that at a particular moment in time they can extend my reach, frequency or persuasiveness? If not, its a moot point.>

The answer (I firmly believe), is that they will ALL soon, not only be able to convince you, but they will all confidently gaurantee you. (Certainly any of those networks that are involved), Given that little more time.

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