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Looksmart closes 16.95% higher today on 10X's Volume traded

Looksmart's shares closed up by almost 17% today, in what was a very active trading session. Volume is so often associated with buying or, selling. (LOOK) Looksmart's volume today (of 361,301 shares traded), was over 10 times more than it's normal (the Co's 3m average), of just 35,035 shares traded in a day.

The HOD (high of the day) at one stage had risen to, as high as $1.50pps.. Punters so obviously feel, that "where there's smoke, there's fire" .....

SeekingAlpha member John Gilliam wrote an excellent InstaBlog post that is 'food for thought' but one (I feel), that is 'short of the money shot' as to the (my own predicted), bright future, that lies ahead for Looksmart.

< John Gilliam holds a BBA from Millsaps College and a JD from the Cumberland School of Law. He is the manager of Point Clear Strategic Holdings in Point Clear, Alabama. Point Clear Strategic is a value oriented activist investment group that invests in small cap technology companies.>

LookingConfident ("old LC", the writer of this instaBlog) is only from a 'trades' background. But what amuses me is that my very own comment made to John Gillam's post has since been removed. Why? Why was it censored?

I took a 'snap-shot' of both my comment and it's appearance on John Gillam's own page (as shown below), that have since been deleted. Again, I wonder why?

Perhaps the 'answer' to that question lies in my own 'nomination' (and long held view) of just who may well be 'involved' with Looksmart & it's immediate future. I've made 'no secret' of this Co in many of my InstaBlog posts in the past, too.


Would Apple Look Smart to Enter the Online Search Fray? [View instapost]
Nice post John Gilliam but, Hmmm?

< If you didn't hear it here first, you saw it guaranteed here first - Apple will be a major player in search and we think it will occur sooner rather than later. >

Check for my own post in the link below:

"Apple will become a huge player in Ad Marketplace"
I see Newscorp as the "pea", myself.

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You can 'click on' both the two Links (above) to see my comment made and the comment (itself), yet on John Gillan's post page (as it appears now), it's not there?

And ..... (What Yahoo posters are seeing, from the Link provided in this post)

That's how It was.

And the link to the John Gilliam article here (on Yahoo Finance), shows it to others as can now be seen. (Without my comment)

Technology is an amazing thing. But so much of a worry that it's scary in what lies ahead or, is already among us all. Where an audience can so easily be 'split' with content being shown, and (it does appear), at various points. Big Brother is well and truly here Folks.

So just who IS (or, will be) involved with Looksmart?

As in many things in life ....Time will tell ...It (mostly) alway does.

LOOK: 3:59PM EDT: $1.38  Up 0.20 (+16.95%)


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so