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Context Matters (For Publishers), Yet For The Advertisers - Not Always So.

That Context Matters (for Publishers), just about explains itself in today's excellent 'comic' from AdExchanger. (Click on that Link)

Publishers do have a need to "dress-up" their over-all presentation to both attract more visitors and to have them then, consistently return to their site.

But it may be a case of (some-time, 'down the line'), content/context becoming a little less important to advertisers - in regards to where they find their target audience - resulting from their being able to find them in a One Huge Marketplace within/across a global advertising/publisher ecosystem.

Readers of my past two instaposts here (@ SA) will understand that in targeting 'users' (based on 'search intent'), advertisers will get to 'pick them up' on any landing page - no matter where a user goes within or, may choose to 'flit', among the publishers partnered in the marketplace.

A CPA/CPV based marketplace that I'm going as far as suggesting will not only involve a 'variety of search engines' (including both Google and Yahoo/Bing), it will get to see Facebook (the Publisher) also embrace this initiative.

It's (also) not hard to then see Google's many publishers & the Yahoo! Publisher Network (with it's 850 strong US Newspapers), then come to life. - In fully capitalising on off-shore CPA/CPV type 'visitors', to view and monetise their content pages. Time will tell, of course.

Always, only an opinion.