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Ross Levinsohn - STOP The CENSORSHIP Of Posts On Yahoo Finance

One can only hope that somewhere within Ross Levinsohn's Plan To Turn around Yahoo there is the 'ongoing issue' relating to the CENSORSHIP of 'pro-company' shareholder posts made - over on the Yahoo Finance stock discussion boards. As, urgent attention is now required.

It's a disgrace, and (to me) is clearly about the fact, that if you control the 'conversation', you then, control the actions of the people. I mean, hasn't the most recent IPO been a clear enough example of that?

Just whose side are Yahoo's "board-watchers" (CENSORS) operating on behalf of, I must ask?

It's bad enough (in the whole corrupt Facebook IPO affair) to learn that some Facebook Underwriters Helped Short Sellers but a Co [LOOK] that sits daily with a market cap representing almost half the cash that the Co holds - - simply to permit GREEDY accumulation of shares to continue, is just too much! Shame on you Yahoo!

"In general, Wall Street has conflicts of interest, and conflicts of interest are profitable," said Daylian Cain, a Yale School of Management professor of business ethics. "It's hard to navigate them when there are millions of dollars at stake."

It's sad to have to admit it, but the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban is 100% correct in this, his Facebook IPO statement:

"Whatever positive impression [American investors] had of the IPO market & the stock market in general was just torched to the ground." Yes read of, exactly How Wall Street Robbed Main Street America

And where: "The house always wins." (Assisted by Yahoo!??)

Note (clearly) below the Censorship of my reply to an earlier post, here on this Reverse Split thread. Now readers should try finding my post and (yes, I am 'Seeking the truth'), its one that took me almost over an hour to prepare. :(

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Note how the 'board-watchers' are 'working the board' whilst my IP addy is 'blocked' from my submitting any reply?

Ross Levinsohn - Please take the short time to read the following and watch this Film preview. Yahoo! (as a "brand") currently stinks -If you are sincere in your plans to turn Yahoo around, you need to concentrate on the 'little things' - get them right - then the bigger things will always fall into place. Is my experience in life. You can make a difference.

..........."Corporations have incredible influence on the world we live in and that's given them free reign to pollute, collude and mislead us, but advances in technology are rapidly making them accountable not just to shareholders, but to everyone. Now that we have constant access to the truth about the products we use and the ethics of the companies behind them, big brands are realizing that looking great isn't enough. It's time to actually be great." -

As always, only an opinion.

LOOK: At 3:21PM EDT: $0.78 Down 0.02 (-2.50%)

Have a great week-end all.


ps; What? Yahoo! CENSOR it's own Members? Oh no!

Disclosure: Long LOOK