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Looksmart's CHART should surely warm the cockles of a shareholder's heart

It's GONE? - In my previous InstaBlog post (March 3rd) I had made the point, that .... It's worth noting also that the (historical) logarithmic chart of LOOK (going right back to its very float day), is rather INCREDIBLE in that with today's close (of $1.59), the Co has traded EXACTLY to resistance."

Looksmart has risen again today [At 4:00PM EDT: 1.72 Up 0.13 (+8.18%)] going through resistance. -

The chart that's now showing an incredible break on the long term downtrend going back to 2000 (whilst I once again, reconstruct my disappearing post), is as follows: (Click-on chart, to enlarge it)


Disclosure: Long LOOK and happy to be so!!